Synopsis: Bigg Boss Double Trouble - Day 4

Bigg Boss Double Trouble- Day 4

Recapping the night’s episode, the inmates are trying to find some relief from Arvind and Vikas’s snores by sleeping next to them in turns. During this conversation, Mandana is adamant that she will not move her bed regardless of who is snoring and who is not. Adding that she is not a part of this discussion, she says that the other housemates can plan around this. Realising that the cause and effect relationship would put him and his partner in a lose-lose situation, Keith is taking Mandana aside to have a private word with her. Giving her logic behind why they should adjust, Keith tells her that Yuvika has had sleepless nights too and has not said a word against anyone. Convinced, Mandana tells Yuvika that she is now willing to adjust because she thinks Yuvika is a sweet girl.

But trouble strikes Mandana and Keith’s partnership once again when Mandana refuses to exchange beds with Keith while Rochelle wants to sleep next to Keith. Mandana throws a fit and uses a condescending tone while speaking to Rochelle. All hell breaks loose when Rochelle losses her cool and gives it back to Mandana stating that she has all the right in the world to question her about her boyfriend. The situation further intensifies and turns into an ugly catfight between Mandana and Rochelle while Keith remains unaffected.

Following a yelling match between Rochelle and Mandana, Rochelle breaks down and is seen sobbing in her boyfriend’s arms. Refusing to let go of him, Rochelle tells everyone that she needs some time alone with Keith to get over the situation. Setting the tone of the day, Bigg Boss Nau inmates are woken up to the song Kisme Kitna Hai Dum. Little do they know at this point that the day ahead would test all their patience levels in a way it never had before.

Observing that her partner Aman can do a bunk when it comes to work, Kishwer playfully jokes around about how Aman smartly avoids doing the household chores. While on one hand this joke has a hidden message of seriousness involved, Rochelle and Prince are sorting out their miscommunication. Explaining their problem to Keith in a conversation, Prince tells him that the problem is now resolved and that the four of them must always display cohesiveness. At this point, Rochelle also taunts Keith about having to break the rules of the house when he sits near the washroom being occupied by Mandana.

Unanimously choosing Vikas and Yuvika to compete against Kishwer and Aman for the captaincy task, the housemates are told to distract the two jodis during the task. Bigg Boss announces that the captaincy task would require the two jodis to perform yoga and the first jodi to break the position would lose. During round one of the task, Kishwer breaks down due to Aman putting too much pressure on her weak arm. Will Kishwer give up the opportunity to rule the house? Boyfriend Suyyash gets upset with Aman for bothering Kishwer during the task. Already annoyed by the fact that Kishwer gets easily influenced by Aman, Suyyash is making it clear to Rimi that he wants to spend more time with his girlfriend.

Later in the day, the luxury budget task has a blindfolded Prince aping a dog and Rochelle leading him across an obstacle course up to the necessary bones with names of items imprinted. Hurt that Prince impulsively questions her strategy, Keith consoles Rochelle when she cries about having let her housemates down. Playing the mentor for all, Keith gives captaincy advice saying that the captains of the house must make the duo feel better. Not able to stabilise his own partnership, Keith gets into a war of words with Mandana when she tells him that she also has to deal with his girlfriend and her needs. Later seen sorting it out, Keith and Mandana reach a consensus and call it a day.


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