Yeh Jadu Hain Jinn Ka: Aman and Roshni fight against each other

MUMBAI: Aman getting tied down by Dadi and Phupi. They state we are tying the chains free. He demands that they call Tabeezi, just she can bolster them.

He says if Kabir contacts Roshni, he will know it when love renders reprisal, no power on the planet can stop it, call Tabeezi. Parveen goes. Kabir stops her and says I had told you, my powers will increase the night of star shower, I will wind up being the ruler and a while later you will get a great deal of force. He goes.

Parveen says you will never know the secret of force. Dadi comes to Aman and says Tabeezi had educated me concerning the things we need, we have to make Barfi and feed him, he will get feeble, Tabeezi will make the weapon to end him.

 Parveen asks which weapon. Dadi says I will tell later. Aman explodes watching Roshni. Dadi calms him down.

Tabeezi gets the chest from the book. Roshni gets ready. Kabir gets ready and comes to Aman. Roshni comes downstairs.

Kyu Kisi ko….plays… Kabir asks everyone to be part of his happiness. He gets the Qazi. He does magic and seals the house. Phupi says we have to feed this Barfi to Kabir.

Dadi stops Kabir and says this marriage is happening against our wish, but you are the son of this house, we have to fulfill the ritual. Dadi takes the Barfi. Parveen thinks these sweets will end his powers, I have to stop him. Kabir sees Parveen signing him.

He stops Dadi and says I don’t like Barfi. He eats other sweets and says I have eaten sweets, now we shall fulfill rasams. Tabeezi tries to get in. She is stopped by Kabir’s magic.

She goes to the window. Dadi and Aman see her. Dadi throws the magical door. Aman has to attack Roshni by Tabeezi’s dagger so that she gets out of Kabir’s spell, only then Aman can attack Kabir. Tabeezi can’t enter by the magical doorway.

She throws the dagger inside. Aman gets free of the chains and picks the dagger. He shouts stop Roshni. He gets the dagger and throws it. Baazigar comes in between and gets stabbed. He falls down. Aman calls out Baazigar. Baazigar gets out of Kabir’s spell. Baazigar flies to him.

Aman climbs up the stairs of the house with the railings of it to get saved from Roshni but he stops when he is about to attack her for defense.

 Roshni throws her clips on him and he gets hurt on several places of the body but still he didn’t say anything while Anjum, Parveen, Baby, and all other people are worrying about Aman and his well-being. Roshni again attacks Aman with her shurikens before he can come and approach her.

He gets hit by it and falls on the floor defeated. Roshni has a shrewd smile on her face and she descends the stairs.


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