Udaariyaan, 9th October 2021, Written Update: Tejo gets blamed

Udaariyaan, 9th October 2021, Written Update: Tejo gets blamed

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Biji asking Fateh and Tejo to sit and have breakfast. Tejo says I have to go to college. Khushbeer asks her to sit. Tejo sits beside Fateh. Biji asks him to give a paratha to Tejo. Fateh gives it to Tejo. He asks pickles? Tejo looks at him. He recalls her words. Jasmin comes in between. She asks Fateh to drink juice. Tejo gets up from her seat. She says I m getting late for college, Candy don’t do mischief, do your homework, I will come back and then drop you. Khushbeer says don’t worry, I will teach him counting till 100.

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Mahi asks didn’t you go to college. Tejo says my car stopped working, I m trying to book a cab. Fateh asks shall I drop you. Tejo says no need. Khushbeer teaches numbers to Candy. He opens the waistcoat buttons. Candy asks what happened. Khushbeer says nothing. He falls down. Candy calls out Nana ji. He runs out and says Tejo aunty, Nana ji fell down. Tejo, Fateh and everyone run to see. Fateh and Amrik take Khushbeer to the bed. Jasmin looks on. Fateh calls the doctor. Tejo cries. Jasmin thinks he got much serious, if anything happens to him, then it will be a trouble. Doctor checks Khushbeer. Gurpreet asks what happened to him. Doctor says his bp got low, which medicines is he taking. Tejo shows the medicines. Doctor asks who gives him medicines. Tejo says I give him. Doctor asks did you give him two tablets. Tejo says no, I gave him one tablet and one multivitamin. He says maybe you gave him two tablets for bp. She says I remember it, I gave him one tablet. Doctor says medicine overdose is the reason for his state, take care. Gurpreet says I told you Tejo, Amrik got the new medicines, how did you make this mistake. Nimmo asks where is your focus, such a big carelessness, if anything happened then… Tejo thinks how can this happen. Biji says its our mistake Gurpreet, we gave her all the responsibilities, mistakes happen. Nimmo says you are calling it a mistake, thank Lord he got saved. Jasmin thinks first time, they all are doubting Tejo. Mahi says you mean, Tejo gave the overdose intentionally. Gurpreet says I will get garlic oil for his foot massage. Tejo says I will get the oil. Gurpreet says let it be, I will take care of him, Lord saved him today, if anything happens again… you did a lot for this house, I can’t tolerate any carelessness in his matter, before I say anything wrong, you go. Fateh looks on. Tejo cries.

Tejo goes to the terrace. She cries and recalls Gurpreet’s words. She says how shall I make everyone believe that I didn’t do this, why will I do this. Fateh comes and holds her. She turns and sees him. She asks why did you come here, I m fine, I don’t want your sympathy, I can handle myself. Fateh says I know you can handle yourself and everything, I didn’t come to support or wipe your tears, its not my right, even if it was my right, then I would have not tried to support you, I know you don’t need it, you are strong, you can face everything alone. She asks why did you come then, to tell that I made a mistake. He says no, to tell that you didn’t make any mistake, whatever doctor said, I can’t believe that you can do this, intentionally or by mistake, don’t hurt yourself, dad will get conscious and want to see you first. He goes.

Everyone is with Khushbeer. Tejo comes. Nimmo taunts her. Khushbeer gets up and says Nimmo, don’t get after her. Nimmo says she has given you overdose. He says my daughter can never do this. Nimmo says just she is the true person here. Fateh asks her to get quiet. Tejo asks are you feeling better. Khushbeer says yes. Fateh says your bp was low, take rest. Tejo says yes, what will you have. Khushbeer says soup prepared by you. She goes. Candy comes running and says you don’t eat fruits, that’s why doctor gave you an injection, mumma says when you eat apples, you don’t need a doctor. Khushbeer says I don’t any doctor or apple, I can just see his golgappa. He hugs Candy. Tejo is making the soup in the kitchen. Jasmin comes and says you do a lot for everyone, did you see how everyone was blaming you, you can cry openly in front of me, I won’t tell anyone, you should thank Lord that your Papa ji’s bp fell a bit low, if it was really overdose then….. think one extra tablet and he fainted, if he had taken ten such tablets then… Tejo says it means you did this. Jasmin says if its anything good, then you did it, if its bad, then me, you accept your mistake. Tejo holds her hand and scolds her. She says fight with me if you have the courage, don’t get my family in between. Jasmin says this is Fateh’s family and he is mine. Tejo says Fateh would be yours but this family is mine. They argue. Tejo says if you do such a thing again, then I will prove you wrong, you will go to jail for lifetime.

Biji and everyone talk of Navratri beginning. Biji says we will keep Jagrata, Khushbeer is okay. Gurpreet says Fateh has already told the Jagran group. Biji asks Tejo to stitch the border to the Mata rani chunri, and manage everything. Tejo says sure, I will do everything. Biji asks Mahi to help Tejo in work. Gurpreet says let it be, Nimmo and I will do it, its not necessary to put all the responsibilities on Tejo always. Nimmo says she will be going after 6 months. Jasmin smiles. Mahi asks why do you taunt her always. Nimmo says I have pity for her, first Jas left her and ran away and now she will get divorced, Lord shouldn’t give such a bad fate to anyone. Khushbeer comes and says our fate is bad. He sits. He says Fateh doesn’t know a person, he left his wife who is like a diamond and losing everything after that cunning and fraud Jasmin. He says Gurpreet, tell Nimmo that I won’t hear a word against Tejo, I m fine, maybe mistake happened, but Tejo will give me medicines as before. He asks Tejo not to worry, no one will tell her anything until he is there.

Its morning, Khushbeer asks when will Candy come. Tejo says he won’t come today, his mum’s assignment completed. He asks how can this happen, I feel like he belongs to this house, we have jagrata at home. Gurpreet says yes, we miss him. FB shows Tejo saying I don’t trust Jasmin, I want you to return home, when Candy doesn’t go there, then everyone will miss him, I will tell them about you, then they will forgive you and accept you. Simran looks at her. FB ends. Khushbeer says go and call Candy and his mum, we want to meet her, who raised him so well. Tejo asks do you really want to meet her. He says surely, call her. Tejo prays. Jasmin says before Tejo gets Simran home, I have to tell her truth, then Khushbeer will know that Candy is Simran’s son, Tejo is fooling him and everyone. She smiles.

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