Vighnaharta Ganesh, 11th September 2020, Written Update – Shankchur moves out to capture trilok

MUMBAI: The episode starts with Shankchur & Tulsi praying Vasudeo Shri Krishna performing pooja while tulsi pours flowers on vasudeo as well as shankchur & shankchur asks why are you putting flowers on me too & she explains him what she feels about him as her husband whom woman is completely devoted to her husband & she bends taking blessings on his feet so also he tells her that I too am devoted you & you are my strength & I too will pray you & she hugs him instead allowing him to bend for her.

Devraj indra appreciates of shankchur’s behaviour so nice but ganesh tells him going ahead we have to notice him how he behaves in future too.

Dev rishi s appreciating about shankchur’s behaviour with krishna while Krishna tells him lot of things are written in future also which we have to see but first you have to go to meet rishi shurkacharya & dev rishi comes to meet shukracharya to instigate him about shankchur’s behaviour so nice which might end all evils from asoors & hearing this guru leaves in anger taking his weapon while dev rishi tells Krishna saying you must be happy seeing my job done & Krishna smiles as ganesh is confused.

Tulsi is performing pooja of vasudeo singing prayers while shankchur is doing his workout in his work place. Tulsi wishes son like vasudeo from him doing pooja while rishi is coming in fit of anger to meet shankchur & his father asoor raja. Shankchur’s father is asking him for what purpose you are doing workout then he says I have to be fit for future outcome to face in life.

Shukracharya says what’s the use of such workout to create power of strength in your body if not used at proper time & he is also insulting him saying to stop all this & use dancing jewelry on your body to keep dancing celebrating your body inspite getting wishes achieved by meditation or start attacking gods to capture their places while tulsi hears this performing pooja & she completes it to stop shukracharya saying anything wrong against her husband. She is also appreciating shankchur’s powers & strength which will never be misused & as I am his wife & I’ll never tolerate my husband being abused & it’s not that I wish to insult you but he’ll perform his duties with complete devotion towards his rule as an asoor so guru tells him then this is right time to spread asoor’s rule & capture trilok with your powers which you have achieved from brahmadev so that all will know the powers in you & will rule this world. Shankchur’s father tells guru that if this was it of your anger’s reason then he will go for this job immediately while shankchur also says I will obey you guru & will start my job today itself. Tulsi also says that till I am there besides him nothing will happen to him & tulsi gets shankchur ready for capturing trilok as per guru’s advice & also gives him the flute of krishna which will support him in battlefield. Shankchur takes permission from father & guru that I wish to take tulsi along in battlefield as she is my strength so they allow him & she too leaves with him.

Krishna tells dev rishi to not to get depressed as you haven’t done any mistake but only to make this phase succeed in its goal.

Shankchur reaches to bhoo lok & tries to take out his weapon but tulsi advises him to not to use weapon but only this krishna’s flute is enough to win & he plays flute by which all get attracted & he keeps on capturing bhoo lok as well as patal lok clutching the ruling places under his custody.

Raja asoor & shukracharya praises shankchur appreciating him ability for capturing both the loks & now only swarg lok remained so he gets ready to capture swark lok while tulsi feels depressed about hearing this & he asks her what happened & she tells him don’t you feel it’s enough to capture & be satisfied with this but he says unless I do not capture swarg lok I cannot become raja of trilok & she wishes him but having confusion in heart.

Shankchur comes to swarg lok while they are enjoying dance & as he arrives then swark lok shakes & he uses flute to capture that too while all get attracted in his flute playing music totally lost in it & he is offered seat from devraj indra as he too is lost imaging Krishna itself playing & he sits on the seat stops playing & immediately they all come in their senses seeing shockingly that shankchur sitting on the seat of swarg lok. Devraj indra reminds what ganesh had said about shankchur’s achievement as an asoor of his wishes through brahmadev which might be misused someday.

Ganesh says this will make tulsi’s new birth to arise in form of plant for this world.

Precap : Shankchur says now I am raja of this swarglok & also trilok so nobody can squeeze my chair including mahadev too but mahadev gets wild & holds shankchur on his sword while ganesh thinks unless tulsi’s meditation is not disturbed shankchur can’t be killed so how to disturb her meditation?

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