Vighnaharta Ganesh, 17th September 2021, Written Update – Meera enjoys Swinging with her Prabhu Girdhar Gopal.

Vighnaharta Ganesh, 17th September 2021, Written Update – Meera enjoys Swinging with her Prabhu Girdhar Gopal.

MUMBAI: The episode starts with all Raja’s ministry people are ready with their wives to begin festival celebration of Sawaan Swing while Udabai is intimating her brother still Meera hasn’t arrived but some women say she has arrived & Meera getting ready wearing beautiful costume arrives while Raja feels happy about it.

Udabai begins the celebration giving first chance to a newly married couple which is performed by a minister Swinging his wife on Swing while Meera watches losing herself in her assumption of Prabhu doing it for her & begins singing prayers on this occasion. Watching Meera singing Raja feels awkward but smiles while Udabai feels uneasy facing everybody about Meera’s behaviour.

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All of them finish their turn & Raja Bhojraj with Meera’s turn come hence Udabai tells Meera & her brother to begin their celebration but Meera is silently waiting & Udabai tells her brother to begin from his side & he moves towards Swing waiting for Meera to come near but Meera is still silent then his friend minister tells Raja he only has to call her & Raja calls her but then too Meera do not move then Udabai becomes angry telling her softly to move quickly for her Swami who is waiting & she moves watching another Swing saying this Swing she has decorated for her Swami so to come soon & Raja feels delighted while Udabai feels great of Meera giving surprise. Udabai tells her to call her Swami & she calls Girdhar Gopal to come soon & all are shocked hearing this but Raja smiles on her true devotion.

Udabai leaves in anger while all of them invited also disburse but Raja’s friend intimates him this isn’t a good sign for his pride which will affect & leaves but Raja thinks saying it’s her true devotion towards her Prabhu due to which he’ll also get the opportunity to see him.

Meera is calling her Prabhu to come soon while her Prabhu is coming slowly towards her & watching this Raja feels blessed praying him & goes in front of Prabhu’s idol praising him for giving him such a great Guru in form of Meera. Meera is swinging with her Prabhu whom she asks why he was late to arrive & he tells her he wanted to see her excitement & she asks him when he’ll take her with him & he tells him it’s time till everybody knows about this truth but before that she has to go through a difficult test & she says she is ready to face any kind of difficulty & both keep Swinging on Swing.

Udabai watching this says how a woman can enjoy without her Swami Swinging alone & orders her maid to arrange a list of invitees for new temple’s set-up guests but to write name of their Kulguru on top & she prepares accordingly.

Meera comes in her Prabhu’s room where Raja is found sitting in front of idol & Raja tells her he did what she taught him & she expresses her happiness of feeling like in heaven with her Prabhu which makes a person achieving Moksha & Raja also praises her devotion but intimates her of temple’s set-up to be taken place where Kulguru will be coming who is very strict & she assures him everything will be alright.

Ganeshji gives example to Pushpadant about drop of milk which gives blessings of purity the same way Raja was also losing himself in devotion watching Meerabai’s devotion.

Raja along with Meera & Udabai are welcoming Kulguru whom they take inside the temple. Meera keeps Pooja plate in front of Prabhu’s idol while Kulguru praises the plate decorated so nicely who might be a true devotee of Prabhu & Raja feels happy watching Meera.

Precap: Meera is dancing singing prayers of her Prabhu while Kulguru watching this becomes wild telling her if she thinks she is an ultimate devotee then to prove herself by giving test of coming out of Water Samadhi like done by devotee Prahlad.

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