Vighnaharta Ganesh, 22nd July 2021, Written Episode Update – Tulsidas finally meets his Prabhu Shri Ram.

MUMBAI: The episode starts with Tulsidas watching two Rajkumar’s moving in the Rath wondering who they might be who are moving so fast & looks like a great warrior but they disappear while Shri Hanuman comes intimating him that in that one of them was none other than Prabhu Shri Ram who was sitting in the Rath & Tulsidas gets so very depressed to for not realizing his Prabhu pleading & crying in front of Shri Hanuman for help but he says that you as a devotee should realize your Prabhu which is a big test hence he keeps pleading Shri Hanuman crying for his Prabhu & he advises him to keep chanting name of Shri Ram who will definitely impress to come for him but should realize this time Prabhu’s emergence & Tulsidas assures him.

Ganeshji says this way Prabhu came but Tulsidas didn’t realize hence Shri Hanuman guided him properly but Jaya asks did Prabhu met Tulsidas & he says it was his test to realize Prabhu.

Tulsidas watches an old woman who is working in pain hence he helps her to scratch Chandan on stone but keeps chanting name of Shri Ram while woman admires him & people moving around also appreciate his devotion towards Prabhu. One of the villager meets his friend greeting taking name of Shri Ram holding both his hands together hence he says to him that great Tulsidas chants name of Prabhu in his devotion while we can greet each other with Prabhu’s name.

A child is moving near Tulsidas while Shri Hanuman watches this saying that now atleast Tulsidas should realize his Prabhu & as child comes near Tulsidas wonders watching him but again feels he is dreaming it seems. Tulsidas applies Chandan on forehead of that child chanting name of his Prabhu while the child too applies Chandan on his forehead which suddenly takes him into world of sky where he meets his Prabhu Shri Ram hence he realizes his Prabhu in that child & breaks into deep emotions watching his Prabhu itself in front of him expressing his happiness to meet him while Prabhu tells him this is beginning of his life now getting appreciation of devotion towards him which is Rajtilak for him hence to keep doing good work & Tulsidas praises his Prabhu for lifting his power of devotion hence Prabhu leaves & Tulsidas sees the child while child also leaves from there.

The woman praises Tulsidas for helping her while other villagers watching him also leave from there. Tulsidas becomes happy getting the opportunity to meet his Prabhu & moves on his actual goal advised by his Prabhu. One day he meets a person who engages him for his work of Prabhu’s Paath & he completes his work by which his wife also feels glad about his Paath hence gives him shelter with hospitality & he enjoys the same thinking about his Prabhu for whom he’ll begin work of writing.

Precap: Tulsidas begins his writing work with the name Shri Ram but it disappears while he wonders but again he writes something which also disappears hence prays Shri Ram why this is happening. Prabhu Mahadev & Mata Paravati are smiling watching this. Ganeshji says this was beginning of Shri Ram Charitra Manas through Tulsidas.

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