Vighnaharta Ganesh, 3rd December 2020, Written Update – Prabhu Narayan blesses Kalavati & her mother for performing Satyanarayan Pooja

MUMBAI: The episode starts with Kalavati roaming around every house begging but doesn’t get anything instead she sees names & signs of Prabhu Narayan. Her mother also feeling about where her daughter roaming & hasn’t yet come feeling restless for her.
Kalavati roams in a jungle saying that Prabhu Narayan isn’t anywhere or he would had helped me while Prabhu Narayan sees her emotionally of suffering. Kalavati slips from a slippery ditch but finds Narayan’s idol in front of her while her mother also falls down from the bed for going towards Prabhu Narayan to pray for her daughter.
Devi Laxmi apprecaites Narayan saying that your way of blessing you itself can understand.
Kalavati reaches near an ashram where Rishi & all are performing Pooja of Satyanarayan & she is feeling very emotional finding Prabhu & she keeps steering Prabhu’s idol while Rishi is distributing Prasad & gives it to her also saying this is Prabhu’s Prasad while her mother also sees Prabhu steering emotionally & gets the signal that her husband had disrespected the oath taken for Pooja of Prabhu due to which all this is happening with us.
Kalavati also gets explanation from Rishi that this Pooja opens all doors of wealth & happiness within family. Kalavati also gets the signal from her Prabhu about her father who took oath but did not respect for which we all are facing this trouble & runs towards her mother with Prasad.
Kalavati’s mother is asking her where you were for so much time but instead she tells her that whom I met I’ll tell you but her mother says that we are in trouble due to your father never respected oath & Kalavati also tells her that’s what I also wanted to tell you that this Prasad I have got from that Pooja itself which was performed by a Rishi but I learnt that anybody from the family can do this to respect the oath so that family doesn’t affect so I take this oath now but her mother tells her how we’ll get all materials required & she tells her when Prabhu has blessed us with this Prasad than he’ll only show us the path.
Goldhwaj tells all Gods this way Kalavati got the path towards performing Pooja due to my disrespect & Devsena asks him did she got the required materials & he tells Prabhu ultimately blessed them inspite I use to ignore to give anything to anybody but they got.
Kalavati & her mother roam around to beg for materials & they start getting everything from every house they visited so they kept inviting all of them for Pooja.
The guards give food plates to trader & his son in law in prison but trader curses both of them saying that your Raja will get punishment one day for punishing us & one of them try to hit him instead hits his colleague & trader says this is also punishment for you both.
Raja Chandraketu is trying to shoot an arrow towards a target but instead cuts his finger while shooting & wonders how this happened which never had from me & again tries to shoot the target but this time his bow breaks hitting him on his forehead & is shocked.
The trader’s wife & Kalavati both arrange Pooja but nobody turns up & they get depressed but a cow comes & her mother feels saying that I had told you nobody will come but Kalavati tells her this might be Prabhu’s wish that we’ll perform Pooja & give Prasad to the cow & her mother feels glad about her daughter. They start Pooja while all villagers arrive in their house & Kalavati sees people arrived intimating her mother happily & both get delighted performing Pooja of Satyanarayan.
Raja Chandraketu is entering his palace but gets hit by various items kept in the palace due some other reason on his head, legs, hands & finally he feels to slowly sleep on the bed & he sleeps getting scared but prays Prabhu to show him the path if he has done anything wrong & Prabhu emerges in his sleep asking him do you feel if you have wrongly justified your decisions in past & he says no than Prabhu asks him that you gave punishment to both the traders but did you hear from them their side or only heard what was told you & he says that yes I just took decision on hearing from my guards instead listening to them hence Prabhu tells him this was wrong due to which you are facing this trouble.
Goldhwaj tells all Gods that I was released from prison by Raja who accepted his mistake but again when I got double the wealth which I never expected & I became more selfish.
Ganesh is thinking that why am I feeling that a storm is following Kailash while Mansa gets wild saying that lot of time has passed but still no invitation so now I myself will go to ask if am I not their daughter who had to be invited also or am I not their family too & she is moving towards Kailash in huge anger & a stormy weather is making Ganesh feel weird but helpless due to Pooja undergoing.

Precap : Raja Chandraketu pleads for forgiveness from trader & his son in law releasing them & trader finds his boxes of wealth safe but earned more than he had loaded in the boat & made him more selfish. A Rishi comes asking him about his wealth.

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