Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th May 2021 Written Episode Update – Vidyapati lands in jungle’s village

MUMBAI: The episode starts with Devi Laxmi asking Prabhu Narayan that how you’ll tackle this situation where both your devotee’s are doing their job for their goals of Neil Madhav while he is silently smiling watching them.

The jungle devotee Vishwasahu is praying Neil Madhav which is with him while Vidyapati is on search of the same but unable to find the path hence he prays his Prabhu to show him the right path & the flower holding flies towards the path by Prabhu’s powers & he follows the same. Vidyapati gets signal from hearing the prayers of Neil Madhav done by somebody hence he praises his Prabhu for showing the right path.

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Bhashma tells Madhav that this way Vidyapati understood the path’s direction & was eager to establish Neil Madhav in Jagannath temple as soon as possible.

Vidyapati moves towards the flower flying but finds a lion in his way hence he stops thinking how to tackle him.

Devi Laxmi asks Prabhu how’ll he tackle this hurdle in his path & he tells her that his true devotion will lead to success but it’s his test to tackle this.

Vidyapati thinks its either ways now if I move ahead I have to sacrifice my life or fight with this Lion & both ways I may lose my life but will achieve Neil Madhav in my sacrifice. Vidyapati confronts Lion but he is hit by a stone while Lion comes running towards him but is stopped by jungle’s leader devotee Vishwasahu’s daughter who saved Vidyapati. The girl is telling her guards to take Vidyapati along but they insist her against their jungle’s policy but she tells them she’ll explain her father.

The girl’s father is shouting all of them for bringing unknown person which is against their policy but his girl Lalita explains him giving example of Neil Madhav whose devotion hasn’t taught us to react this way towards a helpless person & also reminds his father about his teaching that every lives in this world is ours which is God’s given gift to be taken care of by human’s hence this can be disrespect towards God also & he understands praising her for reminding right path of life’s importance in devotion.

Vidyapati is taken care by Lalita & her father while he feels he has to leave but again faints hence they stop him till he doesn’t get better.

Vidyapati thinks to tackle this situation to achieve Neil Madhav anyhow from these people while Lalita always praises their God Neil Madhav for saving such good people like Vidyapati.
One day Vishwasahu sits for singing prayers along with his community people as per regular routine while one of his villager says that it’s not good to allow unknown person in our village but Lalita diverts his attention due to prayer time. Vishwasahu begins singing prayers but in between he gets cough & Vidyapati joins to help continuing prayers while all praise him. Vishwasahu praises Vidyapati’s voice while Lalita is impressed by him.

Bhashma tells Madhav that this way Vidyapati kept impressing all the people of the village along with Lalita & Vishwasahu.

Once Vishwasahu is going to do prayers of Neil Madhav while Vidyapati sees him & feels he should know about Neil Madhav anyhow now.

Prabhu Narayan says that using evil trick is offence towards devotion but this is to watch how Vidyapati will behave.

Lalita asks Vidyapati that what you are thinking or do you also wish to see Neil Madhav but nobody is allowed without permission of father. Vidyapati feels Lalita & all other people are so sober by behaviour that its wrong to think evil against them.

Vishwasahu tells Vidyapati that now your feeling better it seems hence you have to leave to your world now & he feels depressed but assures him that he’ll leave tomorrow early morning. In the evening all are waiting for Vidyapati to arrive for beginning prayers but he is packing all his things while Lalita’s father asks where is he & she goes to see him but finds he is packing feeling depressed while Vidyapati expresses his love towards her & proposes for marriage holding her hand while she feels very happy but he also expresses his difficulty of her father who might not allow him for this marriage. Vishwasahu sees him proposing & screams her daughter.

Ganeshji’s aunty asks him was Vidyapati truly in Love with Lalita or was he doing this to achieve Neil Madhav?

Madhav also asks wondering that was Vidyapati truly doing this or only for Neil Madhav.

Precap: Vishwasahu says I haven’t yet decided what to do in this situation unless Vidyapati answer’s my question that is he really interested to marry my daughter. Vidyapati is in confusion while Lalita wonders. Prabhu Narayan says that its Vidyapati’s test here now to what to choose in between Neil Madhav & Lalita.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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