Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka, 10th November 2020, Written Update: Aman’s incredible return

MUMBAI: Roshni cries that everything is going wrong and she is losing her dear ones. Family consoles her. Tabeezi enters holding Armaan. Roshni pleads to return her son. Tabeezi says she broke her promise and didn’t return her angel’s heart. Roshni says she can’t as she needs to protect her family. Tabeezi says she will not return Armaan. Roshni tries to rush towards her, and she throws Roshni on floor. Power from Roshni’s finger ring falls on sifriti heera/diamond and it falls on mirror. Roshni continues pleading Tabeezi to return Armaan. Tabeezi says she has hypnotized Armaan and he will follow only her orders now, she will take Roshni also with her and drags her with magic. Aman emerges and saves Roshni. Tabeezi is shocked to see him. Aman says she should understand that Roshni cannot give her angel’s heart and should return Armaan. Tabeezi gets adamant. Aman pleads his best convince her and says her magic on Armaan will vanish soon. Magic starts fading. Their argument continues. Tabeezi disappears with Armaan.

Monster woman grips Shayari in her net. Shayari suffocates and fails to break net. Rehaan pleads her to try her best and break it. Monster woman says soon Shayari will die out of suffocation, then she will eat her. Rehaan continues pleading Shayari to try and break net, who will fight with him if she goes, etc. Shayari collapses. Rehaan asks if she doesn’t know why he called her to garden and whom he thinks of always, pleads to look at him. She opens eyes and looks at him. He asks him to not give up. He extends his hand, she breaks net and holds his hand. He breaks cage and walks to her. She asks what he wanted to say. He shies and says she is not that dumb not to understand. She says she knows, but wants to hear from him. He is about to speak when Shayari emerges with Armaan.

Aman says they need to save Rehan and Shayari also and need to find out where they are. He asks Roshni what did she see when Shayari disappeared. Roshni says a net dragged Shayari into coffin and there was one more coffin. Daadi says Tabeezi must have awaken makdi jinn and another cruel jinn. Back in Tabeezi’s jail, Rehaan and Shayari ask her why is she holding Armaan. Tabeezi says she will kill Armaan and even them. Their conversation continues and they start laughing suddenly and asks reason. Tabeezi says she doesn’t have any enmity with them, but since they support Aman and Shayari always, she will kill them will laughing gas.

Precap: Roshni asks Shayari if she will give birth to her son; baby will be hers, but womb will be Shayari’s. She walks away saying if nobody supports her, she herself will find her way out.

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