Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 12th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Tabeezi’s surprising news

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Roshni seeing a couple and imagining Aman with her. She smiles. Khanna says you have worked for a week, its your salary. Shayari says but, I want a month’s salary. He says if Rehan fired you, you would have got a month salary, but you have resigned, you will get a week’s salary. Aman takes breakfast for Roshni. Tabeezi stops him and says Roshni is sleeping. She shouts and says I m getting dizzy. Aman asks are you fine. She says I feel dizzy these days, we will go out, I feel suffocated here. He takes her out. She thinks just come soon Roshni. Rehan thinks of Shayari and says am I doing some mistake. He calls Khanna and says stop Shayari, I need to talk to her. Khanna stops Shayari and says Sir wants to talk to you. Rehan drinks the coffee. His eye colour changes. Dadi asks what happened. Tabeezi says I was feeling dizzy. Dadi gets a call and puts on speaker. The man says doctor’s appointment is confirmed. Dadi asks whose appointment is that. The man says Mrs. R Khan. Aman sees Tabeezi and says I m not blaming you. Tabeezi says I was going to say. Aman says you are pregnant, congratulate her. Dadi asks how can this happen. Tabeezi says no….
Dadi says you didn’t tell us. Tabeezi says I just got to know now. Aman asks what. He takes Tabeezi with him. Shayari asks when will he come, I can’t wait. Khanna says Sir would be coming. Natasha takes the coffee cup. She says you know I was hiding here, you will get senses in five mins and then you will forget everything. Shayari goes to Rehan’s cabin. She sees Natasha sitting in his lap. Natasha asks can I help you. Shayari signs no and goes to Khanna. She asks Khanna to go and see Rehan’s imp work. Natasha sees the mark on Rehan’s neck. She says now see Rehan baby, what I do with you.
Tabeezi says I got stuck. Aman says I will come with you. Tabeezi says Aman may see Roshni there, I have to tell her. She calls Roshni. Nurse says its not allowed to talk on phone. Roshni disconnects. Rehan comes to senses and says Shayari… Natasha says you were sleeping. He says I was feeling dizzy, I had to go to Shayari. She says she left the job. He asks how did she go if she was a jinn shikari. Shayari eats chat and cries. She complains about Rehan. The man asks her not to cry. She says its spicy, I m not crying. He says don’t leave the job, tell him to fire you. She gets happy. Aman asks Tabeezi to come. Tabeezi sees Roshni going to the reception. She shouts Aman and turns him away. Roshni sees Aman. Natasha says I know your secret, now I will know your weakness. Tabeezi asks who is he. Aman says doctor. She asks what’s that. He says stethoscope. Roshni hides. Tabeezi signs her to go. Roshni goes. Tabeezi keeps him busy. He says I know you are nervous, don’t worry, I m with you. She says that’s why I m nervous.
Roshni worries. Khanna says Aman has sent this envelope for you, he said just you can check this, its confidential. Rehan checks Farhan’s pics. He says he isn’t answering my calls since four months, who is this girl with him, I need to find her. The girl is seen. Tabeezi asks Aman to go and attend the call. Aman says its Rehan’s call. Tabeezi goes to meet doctor. Aman doesn’t see Roshni. Roshni comes to doctor’s cabin and meets Tabeezi. She asks what are you doing here. Tabeezi says I will tell you. Aman asks did you see the pics of a corporate event. Rehan says Farhan is with a girl, can we get more pics to get this girl. Aman says no, we don’t have pics. Rehan says that girl is having an unique umbrella. Aman says maybe we reach her by finding that umbrella. Shayari is the girl. She comes to office. Tabeezi asks Roshni to get tests done. Doctor asks Aman to come in. Aman says actually, she is getting old. Doctor says she is very young, any way, come in and give her strength during the test. Tabeezi asks what shall I do now. Roshni says magical door. Tabeezi says yes. She goes through the door. Roshni covers her face.
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