Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka, 16th October 2020, Written Update: Rehan, Natasha to tie the knot?

MUMBAI: Roshni sees a woman following Aman and lifts her in air. Aman asks who is she and what is she doing here. Woman pleads to let her down. Roshni drops her and Aman holds her. Roshni says she is the same woman whom she saw in dream. Aman asks who is she. Woman says she is Aman’s sword. Aman asks why didn’t she come when he called her. Woman says she felt guilty, so she came now. Roshni angrily asks why did she come now. Aman asks why is she getting insecure. Woman falls unconscious. Aman takes her to room and tells Roshni that whether woman is lying or not, they need to find out who sent her.

Rehan tells Natasha that they have to marry to exchange their bodies again. He sees magical card’s words fading. Natasha says they have only a few hours left and should marry as soon as possible as they don’t any other option. Rehaan agrees and informs family saying he is helpessly. Aman says he wanted to get engaged to Natasha before saying he was helplessly and now saying same. Rehaan says this will be a fake marriage. Natasha hearing them thinks once marries Rehaan, she will finish him. After sometime, family gets ready for Rehaan and Natasha’s wedding.

Woman/sword wakes up and seeing Tabeezi says her life is at risk because of her. She tries to get up but finds herself in chains. Tabeezi cages her in a suitcase and throwing her in lawn walks to Aman and Roshni and tells she needs to go out to make some arrangements, thinking she has to take sword away from here soon. Aman and Roshni insist her to stay back. Natasha and Rehaan’s wedding ceremony starts. Qazi saheb asks Natasha if she accepts her wedding with Rehaan. She says yes and thinks once she marries him, she will destroy her whole family. When Rehaan is about to accept, Shayari enters and with magic swipes their bodies again. Natasha stands shocked and shouts why did she come back agian. Shayari drags Rehaan out of mantap and scolds him in her style. She says jinn shikaris have ample amount of soul swapping potion, but Natasha lied and convinced Rehaan to marry her so that she can kill his whole family. Natasha she can kill them even now and calls monsters. Family tries to destroy monsters in vain. Aman calls his sword. Woman/sword gets up breaking chains and suitcase and running to Aman becomes sword. Aman destroys monsters. Tabeezi escapes thinking sword will reveal her truth. Natasha disappears saying she will return soon.

Tabeezi meets red jinn and gives him sword. He gets back to his old self and says this is not king of jinn’s sword. She says yes. He asks her to bring sword, else he will not help her. She shows him a bottle and says she transferred sword’s energy into this bottle, Rehaan could destroy monsters due his power, but soon sword will be waste for him. Back at home, Roshni apologizes sword for doubting her. Aman asks who wants to harm her. Sword says whom he trust most and disappears. Rehaan says its a bad sign and if sword is not with Aman, he is not king of jinns now.

Precap: Roshni informs Aman that she saw wall burning and some weird voice, earlier his word disappeared and now these things, someone wants to harm him.

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