Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka, 21st October 2020, Written Update: Roshni’s shocking revelation

MUMBAI: Daadi sees Shola Jinn in a room and tells Roshni to kill her. Shola jinn spits fire on them. Aman rushes in and closes door with magic. Daadi says shola jinn will break door soon, so Roshni has to kill Shola jinn. Roshni says she doesn’t want to kill shola jinn as issue is something else and they need to find out. Tabeezi says let Roshni use her Ayana instinct and thinks she will force Roshni to kill shola jinn. Shola Jinn breaks door and comes out. Tabeezi insists Roshni to kill shola jinn. Roshni is about to attack Shola Jinn when Armaan cries. She holds Armaan and consoles him. Shola Jinn disappears. Armaan stops crying. Roshni says something is wrong, Armaan stopped crying once Shola Jinn disappeared, means he wanted to protect Shola Jinn. Tabeezi thinks she will provoke Roshni to kill Shola Jinn.

Shayari with Rehaan meets her ustaad/teacher and requests him to help them find king of jinn’s sword.
Ustaad informs them that today jinn tara will emerge and if a jinn prays seeing jinn tara, he will get whatever he wants. Rehaan says he is a jinn and will pray, asks jinn tara’s location. Shayari jokes. Ustaad informs that he will find jinn tara where king of jinn’s sword emerged first. Rehaan and Roshni reach the venue and get mesmerized seeing the place’s beauty. He points at jinn tara. Shayari thinks he is praising her beauty and feels shy. He asks her to turn behind and see. She feels embarrassed seeing jinn tara. He prays jinn tara to take him to king of jinn’s sword. Tara show them direction.

Shola Jinn walks out of house and searches her wealth/baby when Tabeezi gets king of jinn’s sword and threatens Shola Jinn to find her wealth first. She thinks she has made arrangements already to kill Shola Jinn’s baby and make her angry. Natasha spreads toxic fumes around Shola Jinn’s baby. Shola Jinn heads towards her baby when Aman catches her with rope and pulls her. Family joins him. Tabeezi insists Roshni to use her clip and kill Shola Jinn before she kills them all. Roshni attacks Shola Jinn when Armaan starts crying. Shola Jinn turns attack away hearing 2 babies crying. Tabeezi continues insisting Roshni to kill Shola Jinn. Roshni informs Aman that Shola Jinn’s wealth is her baby and she is searching her baby.

Precap: Roshni tells Aman that she will speak to Shola Jinn and asks if her wealth is her baby, where is it. Shola Jinn digs ground. Roshni says they need to help Shola Jinn.

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