Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 22nd August 2020 Written Update: Aman and Roshni summon first Ayana

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Aman saying Kaala jinn didn’t come to take Sidra, he has come to take me, you or our baby. Roshni worries. He says you said you felt the baby kick today, maybe jinn got to know. Roshni cries. He says he won’t take our baby, don’t worry, I will handle everything, take care of our baby. She asks what will you do. He goes. Shayari hugs Mahira and says I will call Aman. Mahira says don’t tell him, I took nine lakhs loan, I couldn’t pay it, I took it for Farhan. Shayari says he will repay it. Mahira says he is missing since many months, its almost a year, Farhan left and didn’t contact, Rehan is trying to find him, he did this engagement so that Farhan hears the news and comes back. Shayari says don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.


Aman goes to some dark room and opens a box. He says mum taught me to cage the kaala jinn in the lamp. He repairs the lamp. Roshni looks for him. She says Tabeezi, I didn’t get Aman anywhere. She sees the door open and says I found Aman. Rehan sees his engagement news. He says this news should get Farhan back. Shayari comes to him. Her phone rings. He says stop it.


She says I want to tell something, I got to know yesterday and realized, you didn’t tell me, what shall I talk. Rehan asks her to think what she wants to say. She sees Mahira in trouble. She goes. Rehan says strange girl. Aman reads the books. He reads… Kaala jinn can’t be trapped in the lamp, but he would find a way to come out, there is one place where the lamp should be buried, the place where Kaala jinn was defeated, just first Ayana knows the place, because she defeated him, first Ayana left the world 2000 years ago, just Ayana can call her back. He asks who will call her soul. Roshni says I will do it. The man says they will pay our money. Dadi and Phupi look on. Shayari says I have called the gardeners. She asks the men to come with her.


Aman asks why did you come here. She says I will call first Ayana. He says no, you will stay away from this battle. She says I will be with you. He says you don’t have your powers. She says Ayana is by feelings, not powers, I lost my powers, still I m Ayana, I will do my duty. He hugs her. He says my dad promised to give me to Kaala jinn and made a big mistake of his life, we are still bearing the punishment, I just want to end this, I don’t want Kaala jinn’s shadow on our child, I can cage or kill the jinn. They hug.


Shayari defends Mahira. The men say we will take money right away. Shayari asks how will we get nine months so soon, I can’t do any magic. The man asks her to give the ring. She says its my engagement ring, everyone will notice if I give it. He says return money after ten days and take the ring. She recalls Rehan’s words. She gives the ring. The men leave. Mahira asks how will you hide this now.


Roshni plants a bud. It becomes a blossomed tree. She seeks help from first Ayana. She asks Aman to get Ayana book. He goes. She says I told Aman that I lost my powers, I have hide from Aman and use powers to get Ayana. She gets her clips. Aman comes with the book. Roshni reads it. She summons Ayana again. The book papers fly. Ayana appears in the tree. They greet Ayana. Aman smiles. Ayana asks where did you defeat Kaala jinn, I have to cage him in the lamp to save myself and my husband, where shall we bury the lamp. Ayana says illusion well. Roshni thanks her.


Sara asks where is Shayari, there is a small function. Rehan says this engagement is not real. Sara says we called reporters in the function, Aman said news should come so that Farhan knows about it, its a romantic rasam, you will make Shayari wear bangles. Roshni asks how can you go alone. Aman says I can’t take you in this state. She says its not just your battle. He says yes, I made you contact first Ayana. She says I will be with you. He asks why are you stubborn. She says I learnt this from you. He says you don’t have powers, I won’t put you in risk. She says I have you, world’s biggest strength, your love, its the biggest magic, I will protect you. He holds their baby and says even I will protect you. He feels the baby kick. He says you both are stubborn and want to come with me. She smiles.


Shayari says I will get something in my bag that can help in hiding that ring. She gets aunt’s call. Aunt asks about her engagement. Aman and Roshni stop. Aman says Kaala jinn is around, he will follow us and understand our plan. She asks what will we do now, magical door. He says I have a way. He does the magic. They disappear. Shayari says it happened by my wish. Aunt asks what’s in your heart for him. Rehan looks on. Shayari recalls Rehan and says yes, he is rude, but takes care of everyone, he misbehaves, but he is caring also, I feel he misbehaves to hide his pain. She sees Rehan. She says I will talk later. She disconnects the call. Rehan comes to her. He says I don’t look that bad to you. She says what else would I say, shall I tell truth to aunt and break her heart, truth is, you are rude and arrogant. He says but I do this to hide my pain. She says you can do it, but you can’t shout on people, make painting, sing songs, I will tell you, its bad to overhear someone’s conversation. He says I had come here to call you for the function. She asks which function. He says I don’t want to tell you. He goes.



Aman says you broke my heart, pride, trust and this relation also. Roshni cries. Aman cries and goes away.


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