Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka, 24th September 2020, Written Update: Jalpari snatches Armaan

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Tabeezi asking Roshni to keep Armaan safe, Jalpari can’t survive without water for long. Aman and Roshni go. Jalpari says I need water. She looks around. Shayari asks are you fine. Kiki says you are Kaala jinn. She says I m that cute innocent jinn shikari, I m not Kaala jinn, I m Shayari. He says I don’t know you, let me go. She says stop, we will help you and you will help us. Kiki runs. Shayari catches him with the rope. Roshni says stop, we can’t leave everyone in danger. Jalpari looks for water. Aman says we should wait for Jalpari to fall weak. Jalpari sees the pool empty. She faints down.

Aman and Roshni see the water drop falling from the plant. Jalpari opens her eyes and steps on the water drop. She turns into a mermaid and smiles. She snatches Armaan from Roshni. Roshni tries to stop. Jalpari says your magic won’t work, don’t come ahead, else… Aman says don’t do anything to Armaan. Jalpari says you can’t catch me, bye. Roshni says please stop. Jalpari says now I have your weakness and strength with me. Aman asks where are you going with Armaan. Jalpari says I m going to jinn hell, I can bring that door anywhere now, but I will go from the place I came so that you can see your baby going, it will be fun. Aman and Roshni run to stop her. Roshni says please listen to me once. Jalpari says you are trying for no use. Roshni says we lost, that’s the truth, we lost our powers and Armaan also, we can’t do anything, we fought Kaala jinn and our fate for Armaan.

She cries and says I don’t know if you are a mum, I hope you understand a mum’s pain, I need time to accept my defeat, give me some time. Jalpari asks what will a mum do if a Ayana can’t do anything. Roshni says what a mum should go. Jalpari asks what do you want to do. Roshni says I have to host a feast before you take Armaan. Jalpari says but he can’t eat anything. Roshni says I know he is very young, but its my dream to celebrate his birthday and have his memories. Jalpari says I can do this for you. Roshni says thanks. Jalpari says you have 15 mins, then I will take your son to jinn hell. She seals Armaan in some bubble. Shayari says Kaala jinn can’t come here, help us now. Kiki says Kaala jinn is coming, he will kill me. Rehan says he is dead, so the jinn hell door has opened. Shayari says we have to shut the door with your help. Kiki says he is alive, he can’t die, he will come back and kill me. Rehan says I think he has gone mad. Kiki runs away and jumps into fire well. He disappears.

Aman recalls Roshni’s words. They go to get the sweetdish. Jalpari gets seated with everyone. Roshni says Jalpari is a fish, once she gets once, she can’t stop, if she overeats then she will go in food coma. Aman says we can get our powers back. Roshni says yes. Aman says come, we will feed her. Roshni and Aman ask everyone to serve the guest. Everyone asks Jalpari to have food. Phupu says try one samosa. Jalpari says no, I don’t want anything, thank you. Roshni asks her to eat, why is she shy. Roshni says she isn’t eating anything, what to do. Jalpari shouts I don’t want anything. Roshni says Jalpari is clever, she isn’t anything. Aman says we have to forcibly feed her. Roshni says its Armaan’s birthday, have the cake. She feeds Jalpari. Jalpari likes the cake. Roshni says you liked it, have another bite. Jalpari says I don’t want, I can’t make this mistake. Roshni says she understood our plan. Aman recalls Roshni’s eating habits. Rehan asks what will we do now. Shayari says just Kiki could have helped us in shutting the hell door. Rehan says no use to stay here, we should go home. She hears someone’s cry and goes to see. They see a little boy crying.

Everyone asks Jalpari to please stop. Aman says we will come with you, give Armaan to us. Jalpari says Armaan will become the next Kaala jinn. Everyone gets shocked.

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