Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka, 28th September 2020, Written Update: Aman, Roshni face a problem

MUMBAI: Monsters arrive at Khan mansion. Family gets afraid. Shayari says she never such weird animals in life. Rubina says these are black Jinn’s slaves and came from black world. Roshni asks why did they come here. Aman gets his wand and attacks them thinking he will not let them near his child. They spread black smoke and vanish. Aman calls Roshni, Rehaan, Shayari. Rubina says this is black smoke and they can’t see anything. Roshni says they cannot harm Armaan and uses her magic to clear smoke. They rush towards Armaan’s room and find smoke around and sound inside house. Aman asks Shayari and Rehaan to go from back side while they attack from front. He and Roshni try their best to break it from front while Rehaan and Shayari from behind. Jhumru sees baby and says he will protect baby. Roof breaks and starts falling. Jhumru gets into his original form and says everyone think baby will become next black Jinn, but he will become black Jinn after killing baby.

Roshni, Jhumru, Rehaan, and Shayari get tired seeing their magic not working. Aman requests Rubina to find some way. Anjum, Salma, and others join them. They hold each other’s hands and chanting mantras attack once and break black smoke. They all then open door and rush in. Roshni picks baby while Aman asks Jhumru if he is fine. Jhumru nods yes. Anjum sees Armaan’s eyes and thinks if Armaan did all this. Jhumru smirks and requests not to scold Armaan as he was just trying to befriend Armaan, but Armaan got angry and did all this. Roshni thanks god that Armaan and Jhumru are fine. Aman says black Jinn used to trouble them when he was alive, jinn’s coronation ceremony is nearing and Armaan wants to become black Jinn. Rehaan says maybe Jhumru did all this. Shayari warns him to stop blaming Jhumru as he is a victim and is bearing Armaan’s evilness. Jhumru sitting on swinger smirks. Shayari says she will try to find out about Jhumru’s family. Rubina says even she will. Jhumru says he will not only get Armaan away from evilness but also away from his family.

Rubina gets magical book, opens it, and says good jinn says Armaan’s evilness can be taken away and is about to read further when Jhumru creates storm and changes prediction. Once dust clears, a magical blanket emerges from book. Rubina asks Roshni to wrap Armaan in it, it will protect Armaan. Jhumru thinks blanket won’t let Armaan sleep and will get very weak, he will attack Armaan then.

Shayari and Rehaan walk to question Armaan. Their nok jhok starts and Shayari taunts him to get some fresh air to his moustache while she questions Jhumru. Jhumru walks to them and asks about what. Shayari says about her parents. Rehaan says to send him away. Jhumru gets tensed. Shayari says they just want to reunite him with is parents. Jhumru says he doesn’t remember anything. Rehaan says he maybe doesn’t want to purposefully. He sees locket in his neck and asking if he can check it takes it away. Shayari cheers up Jhumru.

Roshni tries to make Armaan asleep, but he doesn’t. Aman says their baby is special and has different sleep cycle. Roshni says he is not sleeping since being wrapped in magical blanket. Aman says Rubina told this blanket will protect Armaan, so she should have some trust. Roshni falls asleep and sees a monster walking towards Armaan. She wakes up and sees Jhumru standing and asks what is he doing here. He says he wasn’t getting sleep. Roshni says she will make them both sleep and walks towards room. Jhumru thinks he will make Armaan asleep forever and become black jinn.

Precap: Jhumru tells Aman that it is impossible to find his parents. Aman says Shayari and Rehaan found them and have gone to meet them. Jhumru gets tensed.

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