Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Akshu saves the day


MUMBAI:The Episode starts with everyone unveiling the idol. Manjiri says the elephant’s trunk should be on its left. Abhi says yes, it was on the left. Surekha asks how do you know. Akshu says I had sent him the pic. Manjiri asks who did this. Abhi says maybe staff did this by mistake. Kairav stops Muskaan. Dadi asks how will we keep the idol. Manjiri says I was worried. Manish asks Kairav to go and buy an idol. Manjiri says no, Akshara has to make it. Akshu says I will make it. Surekha asks when will the clay dry and when will we do the puja. Dadi says we can’t do any rasams and marriage… Aarohi says ask Guru ji for a solution. Abhir says I did this. They ask what.

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FB shows Ruhi and Abhir going to see the idol. He spoils it. FB ends. The kids say sorry, don’t cancel the marriage. Abhi says its okay, we will find a way. Suwarna apologizes to Bappa. She says we have to do visarjan of this idol and make a new idol. Akshu takes some betel leaves. Abhi assists her. Akshu makes the Bappa by the leaves. She asks is this Ganpati fine, can we keep it. Manjiri says I didn’t see such amazing Ganpati before. Anand says we shall start the puja. They do the puja. Akshu and Abhi do the aarti. He says its my turn to handle this. Manjiri makes arrangements for Mama ji and Mami ji. Aarohi asks Manjiri to relax. Manjiri and Mahima tell about their cousin Sujeet. Sujeet and his wife come. He hugs his sisters and says I have come after 10 years 7 months and 15 days. Manjiri hugs Sujeet’s wife. Sujeet blesses Shefali and says very proud of you, I read your articles. Aarohi greets him. Sujeet says you are a strong girl, you found your happiness in your sister’s happiness. Manjiri asks them to take rest. She says Abhi, I need to talk. Abhi goes to meet Abhir. He thinks Abhir is sleeping. He sits on the bed. Akshu is sleeping. She thinks its Abhir.

Abhi says I love you. She opens her eyes. They see each other and shout you, I thought its Abhir. He holds her hand. Abhir asks is this any game. Abhi falls. Abhir asks are you hurt. Abhi signs no. They ask Abhir why weren’t you on bed. Abhir says I went to washroom and then kitchen, Manjiri said you have to go to temple, hurry up, you have to come back on time. Akshu goes. Abhir says I should get a gift for doing setting of you and mumma.

Akshu gets ready. Abhi gets his bike. He says work is under progress on that route, so we have to go by bike. She says its okay and sits on the bike. They come to the temple. They see a couple marrying and recall their moments. Pandit says Manjiri said you will come with your would be wife to do Shringhaar of Maa Gauri. He blesses their jodi. They adorn the idol and pray for Abhir’s happiness. Akshu promises to not take the relation for granted. Abhi says we have to help each other, we have share our problems and duties. Akshu says perfect. He slips. She worries and holds him. She asks are you fine. He says yes, I will get the bike. She says no. She drives. He says I can drive. She asks why, let me drive.

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They have a talk and say Oye. They recall the past moments. At the signal, a couple plays a song on Bluetooth speaker. O mere dil ke chayn…plays… Abhi recalls the past. He thinks what I feel for you is my problem, I have no expectation from you, I just hope I never disappoint you. She thinks I m trying, I have a fear in my heart, I may make a mistake.

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