Vishakha has a plan: Naggin season 4: 2nd February 2020: Written Update

MUMBAI: Vishaka goes in flashback thinking about nagmani. It she remembers that it will be out after 50 pornimas. Nayantara wants revenge and wants to show her mother that she will help her Vishaka thinks Nayantara will help her and she stops her from going in front of Many. Dev asks Bindra that if she is ok and wants to marry him she is shocked. Brenda asks him why he cares so much he tells her she is his best friend. She tells him that she doesn't want to be involved in anything and she had a bad feeling when he left her alone in the mandap. Dev keeps a marriage proposal for her. Nayantara is about to meet Manyata but Vishaka stops her and manages to hide her.

Bindra convinces Swara for allowing her to marry Dev and one day she will be proud of her decision.she is ready but worried for Vrushali's permission. Vrushali is totally against for Dev getting married to servants daughter. Vrushali asks Dadi to be quite but Dadi to announce her decision. Both of them get married. Both of them goes to room Brinda is not able to seat on the bed because of Basma. Nayantara hears someone coming and thinks what is this sound. She thinks if Vishaka came back if my maa is safe. Maha Pandit hears someone coming and hides Manyata behind the idol and tells that someone came. He sees Vrushali coming there? Nayantara manages to open the door and comes out. She recalls Vishaka’s words. Vrushali asks Rasik and Madhav to search Manyata. Maha Pandit comes from outside. They ask about Manyata. Maha Pandit tells that she is collecting her daughter’s ashes behind this temple. Vrushali and others are about to go behind when Manyata sees Nayantara and comes out. Vrushali and others come back. Vrushali puts vabhoot on her to control her and asks everyone to pick her up. Maha Pandit comes in front of them and asks them to leave her. Vrushali says ok and pushes her. Madhav hits Maha Pandit with axe and leaves.

They bring Manyata home. Vrushali asks them to take her to the store room. Baa tells Vrushali that Dev loves her a lot. Vrushali says whatever you wanted, has happened. She signs them to take Manyata inside. Baa is about to look at Manyata when Ira pushes Ketki to divert Baa’s attention. Rasik and Madhav take Manyata. Vrushali asks baa to ask Brinda to regard her as her saas as she got them married.

Dev cleans the flowers off the bed and tells that it is old decoration when I was about to marry Nayantara. Brinda says I guess she would have been saved from heartache. He says I couldn’t meet her for last time. I wanted to meet her, but. Brinda thinks he is lying and says don’t know when the meeting becomes last. She says who knew that we will become husband and wife. He touches her and she feels current. She thinks it is the same vabhoot and al naag and naagin feel helpless. She sees the places where vabhoot is kept and thinks she can’t kill him here. She becomes angry and gets scaly skin. Dev asks what happened to her face. Brinda looks at him and smiles, before going out. She says this is the start of my revenge, I know you will not make it easy. She says Dev’s mother used vabhoot to save him, and that’s why I will do what my mother does in this situation. She blows air from her mouth heavily and asks Bhola Nath to help her. She says she wants to kill Dev now itself. She reads om Nama Shivaya. Just then it starts raining, Dev comes out and asks her to come inside. Brinda thinks vabhoot shall be washed out from his hand and then she will kill her biggest enemy.


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