Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka! 4th February 2020 Written Update : Aliya Reveals Her Truth

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Aman getting drawn inside the cave when a sword descends from the sky and ruins the cave. Aman is the Jinnat King and nothing happens to him. Parveen gets shocked. The sword goes back to the sky. Aman kisses the baby. Roshni asks him if he is fine. Aliya hugs the baby. Parveen says that she cannot become a normal human and tries to do magic. She falls down and cries that she will never get her powers now. Tabeezi tells Dadi that she needs to talk to her about Parveen. Dadi tells her that she is aware that Parveen is ill and Tabeezi wonders how she should tell the truth to Dadi.

Aman, Roshni, Aliya and the baby come home. Dadi asks Roshni about her wound and then inquires if they found out who took the baby. While Aman says that he does not know Roshni says that she thinks she knows who did it. He asks her not to make any mistake when Salma asks him to listen to her. Roshni says that a normal human cannot take the baby to the black jungle and that it is some supernatural force prevalent in this house. Aman refuses to listen and blames Roshni for whatever has happened. Aman takes the baby and Aliya and leaves. Roshni sits crying and recalls Aman and Aliya. Aliya gives Roshni a kerchief and taunts her. Roshni tells Aliya that her truth had come out. Aliya remarks that she cannot handle her truth. Roshni says that no one can come between her and Aman and me and that Aliya should leave before she makes her do so. Aliya asks her whether Roshni is threatening her. Roshni tells her that you have seen that Aman is a Jinn and that she is an Ayana. Roshni tells her that there is just one Ayana in the world and that her name is Roshni. Aliya says there is one more Ayana in the world, her name is Aliya. Roshni is shocked to see her powers.

Tabeezi does some magic on Parveen’s bed to prove that she is a Sifrit. Parveen says that she was a Sifrit and that she has no power or magic now, and that she cannot hurt anyone. She says that there is no use to tell anyone. Tabeezi is adamant and says that Parveen is still evil and that she will her truth to everyone. Aliya claims to be more powerful and says that she will snatch everything from Roshni including Aman. Roshni tells her that she has seen power and not love and no one can break the connection between her and Aman. Aliya claims that her baby will break this relation as
Roshni doesn’t have a baby. They argue. Roshni challenges Aliya and leaves. Aliya says that she will break Roshni’s pride, relation and her. Parveen tells Tabeezi that she can’t harm anyone and that she will never get her powers since the last way was to sacrifice the child. Parveen tells Tabeezi that if Tabeezi strikes her Aman will be hurt and his heart will break. Tabeezi agrees. She tells Parveen that is she tries to do magic again, it will hurt her a lot. Roshni comes to Aman and thinks to tell about Aliya. She asks him if he is upset to which he says that his love isn’t letting the anger come out. She reminds him of his promise to trust her to which he responds that she has made it tough. He asks her why she doesn’t trust him when he says that Aliya is his past. She replies that the past is interfering with the present. He tells her that no one can come between them. She then sees Aliya going in a bridal dress and is shocked.


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