Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 7th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Aman shelters Aliya and Aamir

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Aman telling Aliya that she lied to him and that it is Kabir’s child. Aliya says that she did it to protect her child since Kabir left before the baby was born and someone is attacking her baby. Aman tells her that she should have told the truth as it is Kabir’s house too. Aliya says that she wasn’t aware of their relations with Kabir and couldn’t take the risk. He tells her that she spoiled his relations with Roshni. She tells him that he can kick her out but how will she save her baby. Dadi and Aman come out. Aman gives property transfer deed to Aliya. Dadi says Kabir has a right on our property, so we decided to give Kabir’s share to Aamir. Aman says Aamir is our family, we won’t do injustice. Aliya smiles. Aman says we can’t punish this baby for Aliya’s mistake, I will give protection to this baby, Aamir will stay here and also Aliya. Roshni cries.

Statue says just I can help Roshni, but I’m trapped in a statue, I have to get free from that lamp, its there since centuries, who will free me. Aman comes to Roshni and smiles. She turns away. She calls him a fool to come in anyone’s words. She says trusting is good, but there is a limit, Aliya is fooling you. He says you don’t know about Aliya, she is wrong, but she apologized. She says she is telling you a sad story, she is a liar, my Ayana sense identified her. He says it can’t be right always. She says it is always right. He says you don’t know Aliya’s entire truth, she accepted that nothing happened between me and her, she was trying to get problems between us because she loves me. She says I will not leave her, you are still keeping her here, you are getting love in it. He says I just love you, we can’t let Kabir’s child go like this, how will baby live without his mum. She says Kabir did wrong with us. He says it was wrong, we can’t punish the baby, Aamir is part of this family, so Aliya is also part of this family. Roshni says her agenda is you, she is here just for you.

Aman says she can’t manipulate me. Roshni says she is manipulating you, she didn’t say her entire truth. He asks what is it. She says she isn’t a normal girl, like I’m an Ayana, she is a bad Ayana, she calls herself Haiwana and tells dangerous dialogues, I swear I won’t leave her, how can she love you. He asks is Aliya bad Ayana, your eyes are big, but brain is small. She says you think I m making stories, I will prove it, then we shall see who brain is small. She goes. She recalls and says that snake is a proof. Chotu plays in the lawn. The statue blinks. Chotu sees it. Roshni comes. She asks what happened. He says statue is blinking. Roshni goes to see. Statue doesn’t blink. He says its not blinking now, won’t you believe it. She says I’m not Aman or law that I ask for proof, I believe you. He says but I also believe you, I will do what you say. She says you are very cute, but I can’t involve you in big matters. He asks am I so young, none wants my help. She says I want your help, it will be our secret. He says statue blinked again.

Its morning, Aman asks Baazigar to have some food. Baazigar eats. Roshni says Aman broke his diet, you know the plan, just go. Roshni comes to Aman and dances around. Aman says Roshni, move away, you are blocking the light. He smiles. She gets angry. Parveen finds herself in the black jungle. Kala jinn appears. He says you lost the power of Sifrit, you will get punished. She asks what would I do. He says don’t give excuses, its time to fulfill Junaid’s promise, I will keep tonight and take Aman. He says I have kept my promise and killed Kabir, I tried to kill Aman also. He says you were sifrit that time, you are a human now, humans love their children a lot, you will also do it. He disappears. She returns to her room. She sees the jinn handprint. It vanishes. She says it means it wasn’t a dream.


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