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30 Aug 2015 11:11 AM | TellychakkarTeam
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29 Aug 2015 08:15 PM | TellychakkarTeam
Masala Bites Episode 46:Ashish Sharma,    Jennifer-KSG, Deepika      Padukone,   Salman Khan & more
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I love taking risks in life; until you risk something you don't win – Casting Director Piyush Joshi

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COMMENTS FOR I love taking risks in life; until you risk something you don't win – Casting Director Piyush Joshi
Siddharth singh's picture
12 Sep 2013 07:34 PM - Siddharth singh (not verified)
Very well said that u love to take risks in life i m also agree with that bcz without takng risk u cant be rich:)bt i wana say 1 thng that today no one is looking fr talent,there r so many talented actors bt no one is giving them chance bcz they dnt hv good contacts.The actor who has good networking and contacts are working i wanna say that plz dnt be partial nd give others also a chance to prove themselves....t.c
Daksh sahu's picture
15 Sep 2013 01:37 PM - Daksh sahu (not verified)
Definitely different from others. Manu people use to think that anybody has scope in movies or this film industry if he has some background But after reading this i have become a big fan of yours Giving people chance on basis of their talent and potential Keep it up brother
Rashmi Shrivastava's picture
23 Sep 2013 09:15 AM - Rashmi Shrivastava (not verified)
Replies are specific and clear. Very honest and different.
bharat soni's picture
24 Sep 2013 09:20 PM - bharat soni (not verified)
life is dare..
satish agrahari's picture
20 Jan 2014 08:55 PM - satish agrahari (not verified)
balajeetelifilms is brought orgnijetion it and its employs givs intertainment&more employment to maney actor &writers&maney others i salut this orgnijetion and you thanks.
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