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It’s possible that Kunwar Amar and Shakti Mohan are responsible for my exit from Dill Dostii Dance: Palki Malhotra

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COMMENTS FOR It’s possible that Kunwar Amar and Shakti Mohan are responsible for my exit from Dill Dostii Dance: Palki Malhotra
kriyansh_swaron's picture
09 Jun 2014 08:25 PM - kriyansh_swaron (not verified)
haan haan ab ye bhi bol do ki global warming k liye kunwar aur shakti hi responsible hain. brainless palki malhotra. just bcoz shakti left your show for her dreamz u"ll bitch abt her. it is not shakti and kunwar"s fault that u are throwed out of d3. cmon. get a btr reason. if arsha was jealous with swaron why would they have good rapport off screen???? grow up miss malhotra..... even now kriyansh and swaron have good rapport. so just stop barking and get a life.... bas koi chahiye na blame krne ke liye... i must say THIS CHEAP PUBLICITY STUNT was not succesful at all kriyansh/arsha and swaron/vrushan rock as always nd yes d3 is far more interesting without you......
ArSha 4eva's picture
13 Dec 2014 02:15 PM - ArSha 4eva (not verified)
my subjct tells all i need 2 say...u hv NO RIGHT to say anything about amar n shakti cuz luking at foolishness i dont think u hav won a dance reality show or hv came in top 5 of it or have released a dance calender right after coming back from norway after learing a proper dance.u only hav ri8 2 say stuff about some1 wen u reach their level wich u oviously havent so SHUT YOUR MOUTH!! n who said they were jealous?? they just said what they felt !! they felt palki mam was being biased n they said it ON HER FACE...maybe she took it the wrong way saying they were jealous.N ya jus so u know if any1 on sets was jealous of any1 they wudnt hav shard such a gr8 bond....
purva keswani's picture
25 Sep 2014 02:33 AM - purva keswani (not verified)
mr so called shantanu fan u have no ri8 to say kunwar n shakti budhe budhi n by the way it was kunwar who taught shantanu the first lift as he was a solo perfomer n shantanu ne kafi dance lifts b seekhe hn amar se so plz respect ur favourite shantanu teacher
Prakriti's picture
15 Nov 2013 06:10 AM - Prakriti (not verified)
thank u so much palki maam for saying the truth like a boss u don't know how much needed this was! the rumors of palki maam being biased towards Swayam made me laugh so hard!! Swayam a character who never got his due importance/center stage in a dance/a proper track or a character who was basically neglected only.. and now we come to know palki maam was biased towards that very character!! isiliye these kinda treatement to a character she was biased towards?? ye toh bada LOL ho gaya! u cleared things like a boss love u maam! people don't like u cz u say it on their faces! BLIND people LOL!! still who cares! atleast I can see the truth and it's clear enough for me now... Shakti well I never expected a thing from her but Kunwar baap level ki cheapness!! _/\_ no wonder they are besties lol! and after reading this article one thing that made me proud is Mr.Shantanu Maheshwari.. he is a freaking 22 year old and 28/29 years ke buddhe buddhi who claims themselves to be some "international dancers" are freaking jealous of him!! that's fun!! he gained huge number of fans he didn't need to promote himself, didn't need to be the MAIN lead, didn't need to be the so called international dancer, didn't need to win any reality show as well! xD but still managed to bag so many fans jealous hona is so normal! at the end of the day people can recognize talent, and Shantanu Maheshwari is indeed a powerhouse of talent *bows down* .. P.S. Palki Malhotra is the freaking fictional head of cinevistaas not any attention begging actor like ur favs that she will try to blame them without reason! HEIGHTS OF BLINDNESS!! _____/\_____ Palki Malhotra YOU ARE AWESOME!!! will miss u a lot!
Shantanu fan's picture
06 Nov 2013 09:06 PM - Shantanu fan (not verified)
dear palki maam I truly love and respect you. swayam is a character which would obviously gain popularity as he has a really good personality and Shantanu is genuinely the most adorable guy I have ever come across and he truly inspires me. that's the reason why he has gained popularity and that's why his fans love him so much. I am his biggest fan and I just wanna say obviously you haven't been bias. I like shakti and amar to but they need to understand they aren't the only main couple on the show swaron r equally important. swayam is such a guy who seems like the perfect soul. sneha di and vrusHika both being fantastic actors made fans fall in love with them. let haters be haters and maam its really hurting me to hear about you leaving d3 love you:(
ami chakraborty's picture
05 Nov 2013 02:06 PM - ami chakraborty (not verified)
thnxx a lot mam for finally speaking everythng and not taking all the blame on urslf fr the frst time.... luv u palki mam and shantanu n respect u bth frm bottom of my heart... and jealous losers will rot in hell if dey cant even respect deir own creator
Diya's picture
03 Nov 2013 12:50 PM - Diya (not verified)
Biased towards swayam?? All the credits r actually given to kunwar amar...Rey s character is way too much highlighted
Alisha 's picture
01 Nov 2013 07:24 PM - Alisha (not verified)
WOW ! Palki first you use ArSha for D3 success and now blame them -_-
kuwar responsible??'s picture
31 Oct 2013 12:26 AM - kuwar responsible?? (not verified)
kuwar responsible?? best joke!! few months back he told in an interview tat he wanted d3 to end soon!! so tat he can do anything more in dance!!1 palki is telling he was worried abt swaron story!!1
kreyanash n swaron rock!!'s picture
31 Oct 2013 12:22 AM - kreyanash n swa... (not verified)
wat a stupid interviw! i cant believe ta palki told tat kuwar responsible!! palki u must remember tat ur show d3 was a hit due to kreyanash/arsha.. aftr tat swayam sharon became hit!!! also rey is the lead charactr!! i hav also read tat u were close to rey!!! nw u r having friendship with shantanu??? he is in his 21's ri8?? so hw u and him r FRIENDS???? :O but thankyou 4 giving cute n passionate love stories like kreyanash and swaron whom i was crazy about!! kriya rey swayam sharon was part f my life!! d3 rockz! each n every charact is imp!!!