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‘Bhoot Aaya’ - the new horror show on Sony Entertainment Television!!

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COMMENTS FOR ‘Bhoot Aaya’ - the new horror show on Sony Entertainment Television!!
Shivam Taneja's picture
19 Feb 2014 07:15 PM - Shivam Taneja (not verified)
Its a nice show but still lacks some hororr .But for heart patients who love to watch scary things you should have a repeat telecast on the next day at afternooon.
zara's picture
06 Dec 2013 08:38 PM - zara (not verified)
I love those serials and love horror real stories I know these things are exist and it is much greater in a number as compared to humans its all true my religion Islam tells that there is really those thing exist so I believe in that
vijay's picture
30 Oct 2013 03:10 PM - vijay (not verified)
It's. very. Exciting. Horror. Show
eman's picture
21 Oct 2013 08:43 PM - eman (not verified)
very very horrible
abhishek's picture
21 Oct 2013 03:26 PM - abhishek (not verified)
spirits do exist.they r everywhere.they do funny activies at time to scare us but they have least aim of hurting us.but everything has a bad and good bad spirits do haunt.spirits mostly remain bcoz some of their wish/wishes may have been not fulfilled
Priya's picture
21 Oct 2013 12:39 PM - Priya (not verified)
It's. very. Exciting. Horror. Show
joginder's picture
21 Oct 2013 09:18 AM - joginder (not verified)
i hv also experince bouut bhoot bcoz meri mulakat aur takkar dono hui bhoot se.....bhagwan sabko bacha k rakhe in sabse qki har kisi ki baat nahi takkar lene ki...muge malum hai ki meri kafi himmat aur vishwas k baad main jiita tha....have nay comments so pz reply me at
alisha's picture
20 Oct 2013 09:57 PM - alisha (not verified)
does ghost nd stuffs really exsit??? i dont think soo........
somdatta ghosh's picture
26 Oct 2013 03:38 PM - somdatta ghosh (not verified)
yes hotehai hai
eman's picture
21 Oct 2013 08:41 PM - eman (not verified)
this show is fabuious