Pratyusha and Makrand fight; lodge police complaint against each other; Is it a Bigg Boss publicity gimmick?

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COMMENTS FOR Pratyusha and Makrand fight; lodge police complaint against each other; Is it a Bigg Boss publicity gimmick?
ritu's picture
04 Sep 2013 09:53 PM - ritu (not verified)
Goshhhhhhh!! wats dis prats.. just going the sara khan way to be in the news.. sorry u cnt fool us wid ur drama.. wats dis dt she broke up after her bday party and he sending her abusive smses since den.. den how cm she ws sticking wid him in Ankit Gera's sister's wedding or his bday bash.. now even bringing her father's name in dis mess.. its the heights! Shame on u prats.. how low will she stoop now just for a reality show.. cheapos!
Nataly's picture
05 Sep 2013 12:39 AM - Nataly (not verified)
This guy Makrand has really facial expression like a gangster...look it his eyes, what a sneaky glance...
Ayesha321's picture
05 Sep 2013 01:43 AM - Ayesha321 (not verified)
what kind of reporting is Prats and her father were threatened and in return her father threatened Makrand. Prats had the guts to lodge a complaint against him and you are calling it a stunt....thanks for re enforcing my faith that in India if a girl decides to fight back she will be put down again and again by society. if you cant appreciate the step she has taken atleast dont try and make it into something disgusting by saying its publicity stunt.
barkha's picture
05 Sep 2013 08:36 AM - barkha (not verified)
Oh! i get it now.. pratyusha banerjee's game plan to win BB is to portray herself as the strong woman who stood against violence and assaults against her and her family too stood for her very much in sync with the current rotten state of affairs of Indian Indian Women ur grt pratyusha banerjee is surely the strong willed Anandi in real life too standing against injustice and atrocities against women.. how cn one stoop to such levels and be so insensitive as to tk advantage of such a sorry state of affairs of women in our country.. really saddened and angered by her cheap gimmicks.. seriously woman are the worst enemy of demselves and some even go down to the level of using sm1 else's tragic sufferings just to win a reality show..... an imposter and cheapster like her can never win BB rather should never win.. some may be fooled by all dis antics but majority of the people are sane enough to understand her cony vying ways.. CHEAPSTER! Shame on you!
Sarita's picture
05 Sep 2013 08:49 AM - Sarita (not verified)
Prats is a brave girl for standing up against abuse and intimidation and needs to be applauded. But why do you see this as a publicity stunt, when she herself says she does not want to talk and least of all wants publicity. We would expect you to support her as she is from the fraternity but you are more interested in sensationalizing things.
nam main kya hai?'s picture
05 Sep 2013 11:30 AM - nam main kya hai? (not verified)
If all of dis is indeed true den pratyusha did d right thing by going to d cops coz men shouldn't get away away from punishments aftr behaving in dis if all of dis is a hoax , just to create publicity for herself..den it is a very cheap and disgusting thing to do..she hangs out wid all d wrong sorts of ppl..she should change her will do her good..I think she made many wrong descisions in her life under their influence..IMO leaving BV was a Huuuggee mistake on her part...and dis type of news will harm her career in a negative way...going for bigboss is going to be another one...n Colors will leave no stone unturned to create more controversy one she enters d bigboss house..aftr all more d controvrsy more d Trps..Look at what happened 2 Sara Khan from being a much lovd lead of a popular SP show...whr she is now?? Playing side characters in other shows...i don't understand y do actors need to quit deir shows so abruptly?? Dey break the heart of their fans without giving it a second thought
priya's picture
05 Sep 2013 01:13 PM - priya (not verified) first I thought dis news is true...but really is it? I mean according to some media sources prats was seen with her boyfriend Makarand in her friend Ankit Gera's birthday bash...then how can she claim dat makarand had been threatening her since past few days...when TOI asked abt her relationship with makarand, she said that he is not her boyfriend and dat they had split 'long back'. How can dis be true?? Till yesterday she was all lovey-dovey and clinging 2 him evry where...That means she obviously lied abt her relaonship with makarand...why did she do dat?? Why did she give d '' had split long back statement" to Times of India & TOI is a reputed news agency and I believe would nevr do false reporting..especially reporting false statements...So something is definately fishy here! Maybe a fight really took place betwn them but d whole '' he-abused-me-physically-threatened-my-family'' thing looks exaggerated..Weren't dey engaged??So y giv conflicting statements now??
puvan's picture
05 Sep 2013 01:37 PM - puvan (not verified)
she is a good actor, but nobody knows how is she in real life, how u can judge the person by profession , it is only CV work to write, only acting , guy has been sweet & very nice till now, y all of sudden,how come he is bad in all night ,she would have noticed, then she would have left him @ the time, i am not against anybody
SIBA's picture
05 Sep 2013 06:35 PM - SIBA (not verified)
SIBA's picture
05 Sep 2013 06:36 PM - SIBA (not verified)


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