Fuller House Farewell Season: From weddings to surprising cameos, five things to expect from the finale

Fuller House releases its final set of episodes this week. Ahead of the series finale, here are a few events that could happen in the Fuller House Farewell Season.

MUMBAI: As we begin our journey into June, we are preparing ourselves for an emotional week. Why? Well, we are bracing to wave the Tanners and Fullers a teary goodbye as Fuller House bows down this week. The Netflix series is a spinoff of the 90s show Full House. Keeping the OG characters (except for Michelle) in place, the spinoff series sees the Fuller family grow, well Fuller! Through four seasons, we watched the ladies find love while they tackled problems of parenting, all with a smile. Although the series was mired with controversy courtesy Lori Loughlin, fans have been looking forward to the finale season. 

The first half of the finale season was released back in December 2019. The nine episodes net several hilarious moments surrounding DJ's birthday, five days with Kimmy, and finally concluding the proposals. The trailer of the second half of the season was released a few weeks ago and it teased three beautiful weddings. They also poked fun at the series being cancelled by the online streaming platform. But apart from the weddings and the digs, what could you look forward to in the finale season? Have a look at a quick list of events that would get you excited about Fuller House Farewell season. 

Triple weddings mean triple the fun

As the trailer already hinted, DJ, Steph, and Kimmy will be preparing for the wedding together. From picking the perfect gown to hilarious arguments over the decorations, the wedding preparation will be an emotional rollercoaster ride.  

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Return of the OG Family: 

The Fuller House cannot bow down without the presence of Danny, Uncle Jesse and Joey. The OG Full House characters were seen appearing on the series from time to time and adding the element of nostalgia in the spinoff. They are bound to see the three bears appear in the finale episode to watch the three ladies marry (a couple of them remarry) and start their happily ever after. Given how the series has always revolved around the family theme, we could watch DJ's children - Max, Jackson, and Tommy - walk her down the aisle. Meanwhile, this would serve as a great opportunity for Danny to give Stephanie away on her big day. While Joey and Uncle Jesse could do the honours of walking Kimmy down the aisle, we are guessing Ramona might walk her mother down the aisle. 

Special cameos

Speaking with US Weekly, Candace Cameron Bure teased that there will be many surprising faces in the series finale. "There are so many surprise faces in the final episode, and not all of them have lines. So if you are a die-hard fan, you need to pause during some of the episodes or watch it through and then go back and watch it a second time,” she said.

“You’re gonna see a lot of fun faces that just are there because they genuinely wanted to be there. There are a few people that couldn’t make it because of schedules, but everyone wanted to be there. So you’ll see those faces even if they’re not speaking! There’s a couple of really fun ones that are very noticeable," she added. While we cannot wait, we would have loved to see the Olsen twins making some time, even if it were for a few seconds. 

A musical episode

One of the episodes has been titled "Three Weddings and a Musical". As the name suggests, the makers have planned a musical episode in the second half of the farewell season. Could the finale episode double up into a musical? While there is no telling just yet, Andrea Barber teased that the finale will give fans a sense of satisfaction. "I think the viewers are going to be left feeling very satisfied with this ending," she told TV Insider. "Look out because there are tons of Easter eggs out there, especially if you were a fan of Full House. There are a lot of callbacks to the original that you’re going to see," Bure added in the same interview. 

Fuller House turns empty

The Fuller House might not be full anymore after the three weddings. With Ramona and Jackson all grown up, they will be off to college. While DJ will still have her plate full with Max and Tommy, there are chances Kimmy and Fernando could plan another baby. Stephanie might also set up her own nest with the new baby and her husband while pursuing her career in music.  


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