This is HOW you can flaunt the middle-partition look like telly actresses Erica Fernandes, Jennifer Winget and Karishma Tanna

Read on to grab tips on how to flaunt the middle-partition look like telly actresses Erica Fernandes, Jennifer Winget and Karishma Tanna...

MUMBAI: The most important natural possession which any individual (irrespective of gender and volume) loves to flaunt is their HAIR. It is the most beautiful gift of nature an individual can nourish till their last breath.

In earlier days, beliefs and rigid traditions compelled women to possess really long hair (at times, as long as till their toe and even beyond, but maintaining them till their waist-level was a compulsion), while men were allowed to maintain different lengths and styles of hair according to their profession (provided not as long as the girls).

With time, eventually, both genders attained the freedom of following any and every style to their heart's content, but most urban people refrain from keeping hair longer than their back (terms and conditions applied). 

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Taking a more detailed look, to achieve a hairstyle or even getting the hair fastened to stop it from falling or blowing on the face constantly, it's mandatory to create hair-partitions to manage your total hair. 

Usually, girls prefer maintaining side-partitions for easy hair maintenance, looks like recently, the old-school mid-partition look is making a fresh comeback.

It's obviously understandable that this look does not suit all faces, however, one can keep experimenting with their hair lengths and styles to help the look fit in. 

Wondering on how to proceed with this idea? Take a look at telly actresses Erica Fernandes, Jennifer Winget and Karishma Tanna to grab ways on flaunting your mid-part look and trust us, the compilation won't let you down...

Scroll down below to check out Erica, Jennifer and Karishma's different hairstyles while flaunting the mid-partition:

1. Erica Fernandes

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Telly actress Erica looks no short of a fairytale princess (ref. Snow White) in this mid-part look. Those with short hair can attain that ruffled look after curling the hair. But one needs to maintain the mid-partition before proceeding with the hair-curling process.

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Middle partitions best suit the Indian ethnic look. To attend an upcoming ethnic event, one can definitely opt for this typical Indian-style gajra-bun look with middle-partition.

2. Jennifer Winget

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Individuals with long hair can easily don a clean middle-partition look like this. However, to achieve this neat-ironed look, one can use hair-spray at their on convenience and keep their hair loosely open at the back. This look can be endorsed for formal and semi-formal events.

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Wanna beat the heat this summer, drink lots of fluids and sport a top-bun by flaunting the middle-partition with loose locks at the front like Jennifer. This style is all about freshness and comfort in style.
3. Karishma Tanna

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Bored of your regular workout look? Try Karishma's double-french braided look with the help of a middle-partition. This look totally enhances the 'power-on' mode of every fitness enthusiasts out there.

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Karishma should be tagged as the 'queen of braids' for flaunting braids with interestingly unique twists, that too by having the hair mid-parted. Though in an Indian attire, Karishma's this semi-braided semi-open hair look reminds us of the ancient Greek and Roman ladies, who too mastered donning mid-parted semi-braided look gracefully.

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