Shivin Narang: Fashion goes much beyond what you wear

MUMBAI: Actor Shivin Narang says that, for him, fashion is not all about how to dress up. He says that your fashion statement says a lot about the kind of person you are, your likes and dislikes.

“I always thought that fashion meant wearing trendy clothes, investing in luxury bags and watches. But I have come to realise that fashion extends much beyond that. It’s an identity, a recognition of oneself, a physical manifestation of how we feel and who we are,” he says.

Ask him if he feels the pressure to look good all the time, and he says, “I am very aware of the fact that I am an actor and my primary job is to emote on screen, to act well, to entertain my fans. So looking good has never been a work mandate for me. However, who doesn’t like to look good. So I would say looking good is something I do when I want to, I have never taken it as a pressure. For me, it’s always comfort over style, and that’s how I go about my looks. Yes, if there is an event of a public appearance, then I do take out time to look into what I am going to where, so that can be a little taxing at times.”

However, when it comes to shopping, he goes with what his heart says. “I don't keep up with fashion trends. I shop according to what I like and the kind of clothes or the kind of colors or kind of fashion or the patterns I like. Coords were really trending this year. I remember wearing coord sets long back as well, and they are in fashion again. For this year, I feel, styles are going to be very subtle. Stripes would be in this year. My comfort clothes are my old blue jeans which I wear 25 days out of 30 days, the same jeans and my white T-shirt.”

He adds, “If you come to my wardrobe, I usually have 70% black, 30% white outfits, which now, I am also tired of. My family is also after me to change it, but I don't know how to as I mostly connect with classic colours. But I'll try to bring some new colours in my life.”

As for fashion icons, Shivin looks up to Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan. “I love the casualness of Shahrukh sir, how he wears his cargos, T-shirts and jackets, and when he's at the award function, how he transforms into such classic looks. With Bachchan sir, he looks so classic as well. I am in love with his hoodies, his lowers and his shoes. I guess it's really cool and he also carries it really well,” he says.




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