I steal money from my mother’s bag: Solanki Roy

Solanki Roy talks about all things related to money.
I steal money from my mother’s bag: Solanki Roy

Actress Solanki Roy, currently portraying the character of Paddabati in Zee Bangla's fantasy drama Saat Bhai Champa, feels that money is something with which one can only buy comfort.  The actress who used to teach students during her academic years also feels that money comes only by hard work.  

In an interview with TellyChakkar, Solanki, who was previously seen in the role of Meghla in Star Jalsha's Ichchenodi, shared her opinion on ‘money matters’ and also revealed a few interesting things about herself. Excerpts:

Can money buy everything in the world?   

No, never. One can buy comfort but not happiness.

First pocket money?

I never used to get pocket money as such since my school was not that far away from my home. I don’t remember vividly but once my friends and I had planned for a picnic during lunch period in school for which we all had to contribute. So, probably that time I got my first pocket money.

First salary?

I got my first salary when I was in my first year of graduation. I used to teach the arts stream subjects to school students and while pursuing my masters, I used to teach college students.

Most expensive buy?  

My car.

Do you believe in charity?

Yes, I do but I don’t do it exactly in the name of charity. I help whenever I am able to may be by contributing money or giving other things of need.

Do you gamble?

(Laughs) No, I have never done that. However, if I ever go to Las Vegas, I will do it. That’s a dream.

Have you ever stolen money?    

Yes, I have stolen money from my Dad and I got caught but he did not say anything to me. And I still steal from my mother’s bag. Actually, my mother and I exchange bags. So, the money that remains in my mother’s bag becomes my money when I take her bag. In fact, my mother knows this.

Have you ever bought a lottery ticket?

Never. I don’t believe in lottery tickets. You get your money only by your hard work.

Do you invest?    

Yes, I do but I have no clue where since my mother takes care of that.

How much you have saved till now?

You have asked a difficult question. Actually, my work takes a lot of time from me so, post work I hardly get time to think about all these matters. My mother handles that department, I only sign the cheques.

Spendthrift or a miser?

I won’t say that I am a miser. Actually, I love shopping but I am trying to cut down my shopping bill like if earlier if I would purchase five things now I satisfy myself with only three things. I am trying to maintain a balance.

Dream bank balance figure?

I don’t have any dream bank balance figure. I only want that my account should always have an amount where I do not have to worry about buying things of need. Money should not be a botheration. 


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