Adil Hussain starrer "Mercy" Receives Warm Applause at Bharat Pavilion Trailer Launch at Cannes Film Festival


MUMBAI: The Bharat Pavilion at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival was abuzz yesterday as the trailer for the film "Mercy" was launched. Directed by the remarkably young and talented 21 year old Mitul Patel, this film boldly tackles the controversial subject of euthanasia, a topic that remains illegal in many countries, including India.

"Mercy," produced by Everclear Films, narrates the heart-wrenching story of Shekhar, played by Raj Vasudeva, as he faces the agonising decision of whether to end his terminally ill mother's suffering on Christmas Eve. The film also stars Niharica Raizada, Kunal Bhan, Aparna Ghosal, and the critically acclaimed actor Adil Hussain, who bring depth and intensity to this poignant narrative.

The trailer was met with acclaim, sparking conversations about the often-taboo topic of euthanasia. The film's trailer not only captivated the audience but also highlighted the pressing need to address the realities faced by terminal patients and their families in India.

Producer and actor Raj Vasudeva shared his thoughts on the film's reception at Cannes, stating, "I understand that the subject of the film is off the beaten track, but this is something we all need to talk about. I was happy to see how the film’s trailer has been received, and this has made me very hopeful about the film’s reception across the world and particularly in India."

Produced by Anuradha Sachdev and Raj Vasudeva, "Mercy" is set to offer a profound exploration of family dynamics, moral dilemmas, and the emotional turmoil that accompanies end-of-life decisions. The film promises to provoke thought and discussion, urging society to confront and understand the complexities of euthanasia.


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