Chiyaan Vikram: Inspiring! Father's journey from struggling actor to inspiration

Chiyaan Vikram's father, actor Vinod Raj, had a challenging career in the film industry, mostly playing smaller roles in movies and TV shows.

MUMBAI: Chiyaan Vikram, one of Tamil cinema's most versatile actors, comes from a family with a rich legacy in the entertainment industry. However, his father, actor Vinod Raj, had a relatively modest career, mostly playing minor roles in movies and TV shows.

Vinod Raj, originally named John Albert Victor and hailing from Paramakudi, entered the film industry after leaving home. He married Rajeshwari, and their son, Vikram, initially struggled but eventually rose to fame after the success of 'Sethu' in 1999. Vikram adopted his screen name from elements of his family's names and his zodiac sign.

Vinod Raj's acting career wasn't as prominent as his son's, but he did have some notable appearances, including playing Trisha's father in the film 'Ghilli' (2004) and acting alongside Vikram in 'Kanthaswamy' (2009). Despite his efforts, Vinod Raj faced challenges in finding substantial opportunities in the industry.

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In an interview, Vikram shared insights into his father's journey and the challenges he faced. Despite his father's background in acting, Vikram revealed that Vinod Raj struggled to break into the industry. He recounted how his father would wait outside studios like Ave Maria but found it challenging to secure roles.

Vikram also reflected on the possible genetic inclination towards acting, as both he and his son, Dhruv, share a passion for the craft. While Vinod Raj didn't explicitly push Vikram into acting, his experiences served as a motivation for Vikram to succeed in the industry.

Vinod Raj passed away on December 31, 2017, after suffering a heart attack at his residence in Chennai. Despite not achieving significant success in his acting career, Vinod Raj's legacy lives on through his son, Vikram, and grandson, Dhruv, who continue to make their mark in the entertainment industry.

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