Kunal Kapoor: A Techno-Wizard in the World of Entertainment!

Kunal Kapoor

MUMBAI : When he's not dazzling audiences with his mesmerizing performances, Kunal Kapoor is busy charming the tech world with his wizardry. Ever the maverick, he's not just an actor but a tech aficionado, often gracing tech awards with the same panache he brings to the silver screen. In a recent viral reel, Kunal showcased his prowess by assembling a cutting-edge robot, leaving fans in stitches and awe.

Comments flooded in, with one fan hilariously suggesting he's prepping for a sci-fi blockbuster audition. Another confessed to newfound love for robotics, all thanks to Kunal's captivating demonstration. A fan wrote asking, "Kunal are you auditioning for the next sci-fi blockbuster?" Another one commented, "Love seeing you explore new tech horizons." Comparisons to Iron Man flew thick and fast, with fans imagining him as the next Tony Stark. One fan also said, "This is giving me major Iron Man vibes." While another one wrote, "Kunal Kapoor + Robotics = Epic Combo." While netizens are thrilled to see Kunal's tryst with technology, they even adore how the actor is introducing the world to it. And who can blame them? Kunal Kapoor and robotics—a match made in geek heaven!

But amidst his tech adventures, Kunal's seems to have his hands full with his acting projects. From Sidharth Anand's thrilling 'Jewel Thief' to a high-octane web series set in the bustling streets of Lucknow, and a film with Aamir Khan Productions, to the recently announced role as the formidable antagonist in 'Vishwambara' alongside the legendary Chiranjeevi. With such a jam-packed schedule, those extra robotic hands might not be such a bad idea.



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