OMG! Have a look at ‘then versus now’ pictures of Salman Khan's co-stars

Check out as we bring you a few of Salman Khan's co-stars' then versus now looks.
OMG! Have a look at these then versus now pictures of Salman Khan's co-stars

MUMBAI: There are many Bollywood actresses who had a dream debut with Salman Khan. Some even worked with him in blockbuster films under popular banners. But then these actresses disappeared or stayed away from the glamour world. Check out as we bring you some of these Salman's co-stars' then versus now looks. 


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Actress Rambha was seen with Salman Khan in the movie Judwaa. She had been away from the limelight for a decade now. She was last seen in the Malayalam movie Filmstar. After getting married she settled in Canada with her partner. This is how the actress looks now.


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Bhagyashree made her debut with Salman Khan in the movie Maine Pyaar Kiya in 1989. She also won the Filmfare award for Best Female Debut. After getting married, the actress took a break from acting for some time. After making her comeback, with Hindi, the actress has also worked in different languages like Tamil, Kannada, and Marathi. This is how the actress looks now.


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Actress Nagma made her dream debut with Salman Khan in the movie Baaghi in 1990. Despite doing many popular films in different languages, Nagma failed to make her mark in Bollywood.

Ayesha Jhukla

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Ayesha Jhukla starred opposite Salman Khan in her debut film Kurbaan which was released in 1991. After doing some interesting films, the actress suddenly said goodbye to the film industry at the peak of her career.


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Salman Khan was then seen with the debutante actress Chandni in the film Sanam Bewafa which was released in 1991. She appeared in a few films such as '1942 A Love Story, 'Mr. Azaad' and 'Jai Kishan'. After her unsuccessful stint in Bollywood, Chandni quit films when she had no offers in hand.

Bhumika Chawla

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After a successful career in South Films, actress Bhumika Chawla made her debut with Tere Naam with Salman Khan. A few years later she was seen in M S Dhoni: The untold story. She is a very popular face in Tollywood Industry and has been doing films in languages like Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada.


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