Respect, privacy and permission are a must! Celebs react on violence at Sonu-Nigam concert

Respect, privacy and permission are a must! Celebs react on violence at Sonu-Nigam concert

MUMBAI : The recent incident, where a fan misbehaved, at singer Sonu Nigam’s concert, has sparked strong reactions amongst the fraternity.

Charrul Malik
It was very sad and alarming. This incident tells us that people can get so aggressive to click pictures with actors and singers. You have to respect and take permission and keep a good attitude and have gratitude. If you are in the radius where celebrities are there, you request them for pictures. There are two things about this incident. Firstly, I am sure the security must be low which led to such mishandling and the second thing is that this incident shows the mindset of people. Respect, privacy and permission should be a must. Before this also there have been so many incidents and it shows how short tempered people have become. There is no grace left and we can't control ourselves. Celebrities should tighten their security. In this case there was a desire to take a picture but what if such people turn out to be dangerous elements by reaching so close to you. It’s very sad to see such things and people shouldn’t do it.

Priya Paramita Paul
It feels very hurtful when people as humans don’t understand that every celeb or public figure has their own choices. Probably the fan was thinking that he might not get this opportunity in the future or wanted the picture for his social media page. People forget to be kind to the person who is there to entertain you. It’s really sad that in such cases we are not respectful. Many people see public figures as puppets for their entertainment. Celebrities have their individual choices. Apart from that, I would request everyone to stop treating celebrities like puppets. You want a picture then kindly ask for it. Most of the people are humble enough to ask and celebrities would definitely won’t deny you but if someone denies you it may be that they won’t be in a good mood. Every actor has grown into a bigger star thinking that they will have a fan following and they will grow into a public figure, and they won't mind giving a picture. So please be humble. I agree that as a celebrity, it’s hard to handle aggressive fans. If it happens with me, I will try to fulfil their demands on most days. But if there are days when I cannot, or when I might not feel well or I might be getting late for something, I would definitely expect my fans to understand. It doesn’t mean that I am not respectful to my fans, it's just that beyond a certain limit, I also have a choice.

Nikkhil Arya
Sometimes people think they own you. It pains to hear of any artist being manhandled for no mistake of theirs. This feeling of entitlement in some people who have an illusion of power must end and in this case it's like chai se zyada kitli garam, but sadly it won't end..this drunkenness of power.

Akashdeep Sabir
I’m aware about the incident. In fact Sonu is literally my younger brother. This is so shameful and stinks of entitlement from the MLAs son. Just because you are an elected member of the legislature, how does this translate into such abuse of power? Shame. Indian politics needs a complete overhaul. We elect these servants who come begging for votes and then once elected, for the next five years all they do is abuse power. And here it’s even more ridiculous because he is just a son of an MLA. Today’s SELFIE craze has led to a lot more invasion of a celebrity’s privacy  which is bad.


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