These questions from Drishyam 2 went unanswered; are those the hint for the plot of part 3?

Drishyam 2 is getting some amazing response from the fans already. There are few points which are left open in the movie. Are those the hint for the next part of the movie? Read more.   
Drishyam 2 is getting some amazing response from the fans already, there are few things which are left opened in the movie, are

MUMBAI :Movie Drishyam 2 which has Ajay Devgn, Tabu and Akshaye Khanna in the leading role is getting some amazing response from the fans for its solid writing and some great performances. The movie is setting the box office on fire and has crossed the 100 Crore mark.

Apart from the solid writing, there were twists and turns in the movie, especially in the second half, which kept the audience hooked and booked till the last scene. Currently, there are reports that the movie is all set for the 3rd part.

Well, did you notice a few things which are left open in the climax and not concluded properly? Are these the hints for the third part for the movie? Let us discuss these points which were left open till the end. 

Did David get the 25 lakh money 

David asked for amount of 25 lakhs to reveal to the police about the dead body being buried under the new police station. As we all know, David gets the money bag, but later, Gaitonde takes it from him and puts him in jail. It was not clear what had happened with David in the end, did he get the money or no. 

Recordings of Nandini Salgaonkar with the police

Everyone knows the neighbour, and police women who used to come to the Salgaonkar house used to record every single conversation between the family. Now, there was no conclusion in the movie about those recording and we can assume that in the later part, police can use the recordings against them. 

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Mahesh Deshmukh gets the ashes of his son

In the movie, we have seen Mahesh Deshmukh which is played by Rajat Kapoor, going to Vijay Sakgaonkar, asking for the ashes for his late son. Later towards the end, we see Vijay giving him the ash, mentioning in the letter. Well, Mahesh and Meera can take this as the proof against Vijay Salgaokar in the future.

Well, these are the points which are kept open and never concluded in the movie Drishyam 2. Also, these can be the point of discussion in the third installment of the movie.

What are your views on these points and how do you think the movie will be taken ahead for 3rd part, do let us know in the comment section below.

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