Kavya - Ek Junoon Ek Jazba Spoiler: OH NO! Kavya ignores Adhiraj's warnings, Refuses to open the door

Kavya was trying to get Adhiraj a ticket for MLA, but Adhiraj felt that Kavya did not want him to become MLA.
Kavya - Ek Junoon Ek Jazba

MUMBAI : Sony TV is going to be the home to one such new show ‘Kavya - Ek Junoon Ek Jazba’ starring Sumbul Touqeer Khan and Mishkat Varma. According to the promo of the show, Sumbul will be playing the role of IAS Officer Kavya who is married to an IPS officer. The story will revolve around Kavya who will make many sacrifices for her career.

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Earlier we saw that Adhiraj reacted aggressively and pushed Kavya away. He accused her of creating stories. He will tell Kavya that she has lost her job, and now all she has is time.

Later, Kavya was trying to get Adhiraj a ticket for MLA, but Adhiraj felt that Kavya did not want him to become MLA.

In the upcoming episode, Adhiraj notices that Kavya has removed his belongings from the room and put a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door as he sets to get inside the room.

Kavya rejects Adhiraj's request to unlock the door, saying that he can stay outside since he and Amma are about to kick her out.

Adhiraj is about to break the door when Kavya stops him, telling him that if he does, news of the domestic abuse at the future MLA's house will spread everywhere. 

Despite Adhiraj's repeated warnings, Kavya remains resolute in her decision to keep the door shut. 

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