Pandya Store SPOILER: SHOCKING! Natasha disappointed by Dhawal not being in her time of need, Unaware of his condition

Natasha tells Chiku she can take care of her in-laws and her maternal family as well. He challenges her to try, but she will not succeed by living with Makwana.
Pandya Store

MUMBAI: The popular family drama show Pandya Store debuted on Star Plus on January 25, 2021. Disney+ Hotstar offers digital streaming for it. Under the production company Sphere Origins, Sunjoy and Commal Waddhwa produce the television show, which is an official version of Star Vijay's Tamil serial Pandian Stores. Priyanshi Yadav and Rohit Chandel play the second-generation leads, alongside Kruttika Desai. The current track is about Dhawal having left the Makwana house.

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Earlier, Chiku was devastated that Natasha had betrayed him along with her Suman also did the same. He was disheartened to know everyone was against him while he stood alone. He told everyone that he was going from them which left everyone stunned.  He asked Isha to accompany him only if she was ready to leave her family behind.

Suman begs him not to leave her alone while he tells her that he feels lonely. She supported Natasha and left him all alone as she was a true Pandya. Suddenly Isha agrees to go with him and tells him that she will be with him forever.

Later, Natasha tells Chiku she can take care of her in-laws and her maternal family as well.  He challenges her to try, but she will not succeed by living with Makwana. 

Now, Chiku has left his family and Natasha. Everyone left devastated by his

Departure. Dhawal comforts Natasha and goes along with Amba to convince Isha not to leave with Chiku. He and Amba tries to stop Isha and she holds Chiku’s hand and leaves from there.

Meanwhile, Natasha notices Suman is not responding and she gets scared as Suman is not reacting at all. She is frightened after seeing Suman being unconscious. On the other hand, Amba also faints as Isha leaves them. She was unable to bear the pain of her departure. Dhawal and Natasha both are frightened as their loved ones are in an unconscious state.

Both are unaware of each other's conditions. Meanwhile, Natasha takes Suman to the hospital and tries to call Dhawal, disappointed as he is not picking up her call in her time of need.

Will Amba and Suman get well soon?

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