Shocking! Kundali Bhagya: Mahesh is sent back to the basement, Preeta is heartbroken!

Previously we saw, Sherlyn is informed by Prithvi that he has attacked Preeta. Karan chastises Prithvi for his despicable behavior. Prithvi inquires as to what he did. Karan drags him into the room and confronts him
Shocking! Kundali Bhagya: Mahesh is sent back to the basement, Preeta is heartbroken!

MUMBAI: Kundali Bhagya, a Zee TV show, is extremely popular among viewers and has been on the air for nearly five years.

The public adores Karan and Preeta's love story and how they managed to develop a strong connection despite their constant problems. The show is a spinoff of Kumkum Bhagya and stars Shraddha Arya and Dheeraj Dhoopar in the key roles.

We saw that the show had taken a two-year hiatus. Preeta is taken aback when she sees Prithvi making the Luthras' lives a living hell, and she decides to save them from this peril.

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Previously, we saw Preeta hasn't died yet. Prithvi examines her and expresses his regret that she is still alive. He still has the option of murdering her. Shrishti meets Karan and informs him of the good news. The judge wants Mahesh to be declared mentally stable, she says. He is overjoyed. He claims that he was unable to locate Preeta. He has no idea where she went. She claims that Sherlyn informed her that Preeta's dance act was going to be cut. Sherlyn reports that she hasn't been able to locate Preeta. Karan asks them to find her by hook or by crook. 
When Shrishti tries to break into the room, she gets attacked.

Sherlyn notices Prithvi is shaken and inquires as to why. She inquires as to what is going on and how Preeta went out. Preeta has run away to tell the family the truth, he says.

After a scuffle with Sheryl in, Prithvi is surprised to find her unconscious. He tells her that all he wants to do is love her, and she has to believe him at least once. Shrishti is in the room when Sameer walks in. Natasha dashes inside the cupboard to hide. Someone is hiding inside the cupboard, he believes. Natasha is terrified of being discovered. Natasha acts in the presence of Sameer, assisting him in the rescue of Shrishti. She doesn't want Luthras to find out the truth and throw her out.

In the upcoming episode, we see that Preeta's plan backfires, and Mahesh turns violent when provoked by Prithvi. Both the judge and the doctor present at the party start questioning Luthra about why did they let Mahesh be out without safety and where is his Nurse. 

Prithvi is enjoying this as he watches this unfold, Preetas is feeling horrible because Mahesh could have strangled Rakhi and everyone freaks out because of which the judge tells them to take Mahesh into an asylum.

To save him from the asylum, the family has no choice but to send Mahesh back into the basement. 

Preeta is heartbroken but Prithvi thinks he has won.

Will Preeta ever be able to free Mahesh from the basement?

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