Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Arjun learns a shocking truth about Adi

Yeh Hai Chahatein

MUMBAI: Arjun sees Adi and the lady’s photo together and gets shocked. He tells Kashvi that she has to leave Adi and call off this marriage. Kashvi asks why? Arjun says Aditya is already married. Kashvi is shocked.

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Few hours before: Arjun asks Vansh about his Papa. Vansh says Papa only locks my Mamma and goes, and tells that he didn’t come since 2 days, and that’s why we are hungry, and says he can’t give food to Mamma. Arjun says we will help your Mamma and looks for the keys of the room. He finds it behind the voodoo (Evil, used for black magic). He thinks what it (voodoo) doing here. He opens the lock. Vansh hugs his mother.

Romila comes to Micky’s room and asks him to keep his clothes. He says he will keep. Romila opens the cupboard and finds a phone. She asks whose phone is it? Micky says I will keep the clothes and asks her to go. Romila asks what you are hiding from me and tells that she will slap him.

Micky asks him to slap him, infact kill him like she killed Simran. Romila is shocked. He recalls hearing Arjun telling Mahima that he wants to divorce her and marry Kashvi. He thinks they love each other a lot, but can’t unite. He thinks Kashvi tried a lot to save Simran, but destiny betrayed me and thinks to unite Arjun and Kashvi, as she has fulfilled the responsibility of a sister, and Mahima has used them. He then overhears Romila telling that she has to burn the poisonous incense sticks to kill Simran, as she was coming in their way. He feels bad and regrets to call them as their family. He thinks to go and tell the truth to Aditya. He thinks once Mahima is jailed, Arjun and Kashvi can marry. Fb ends.

Micky asks Romila, how she can kill Simran, knowing he loves her a lot. He says he had gone to meet Aditya, but didn’t meet him and found about his mother. A fb is shown, Micky hears Aditya telling someone that he can’t help him without the proofs. The guy goes. Micky thinks they are smart and will never confess the truth. Kashvi comes there and tells that her guest list is ready and asks about his guests. Adi says just common friends and her relatives. Kashvi asks about his Mom. Adi says we don’t interfere in each other’s lives, and Mom will not be happy with my marriage. Kashvi says I have to go to the florist. Adi says I will come with you and they goes.

Micky goes to Aditya’s cabin and gets his diary. He finds his mother’s number and calls her, informing her about Aditya’s marriage. She asks where it is happening? He says he will send her address. fb ends. Micky tells Romila that he will not let Kashvi marry Aditya and he will unite Arjun and Kashvi. He says if she does anything, then he will get her jailed for Simran’s murder. Romila says if you will send me to jail in this age. He says he will never forgive her and will never call her mother from now.

Vansh tells his mother that today Karun’s father saved him when he was locked in the room. His mother says she is Nisha and asks Arjun to lock the door and leave from there. Arjun sends Karun and Vansh outside, and says he will take Police’s help to save her, and asks why did your husband tie you. Nisha says nobody can help us. She says my husband is very influential and is on a big post. She says I have accepted my destiny, if he sees you here, then he will burst his anger on my son and asks him to go. Arjun says I will go, and thinks to take Police’s help, to send her far from City, to save her from her husband. She shouts asking him to go.

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Arjun collides with the table and the photo frames fall down. He picks it, and looks at the album and sees her wedding album, and sees Aditya as her husband. She asks Nisha about his name. Nisha says Aman. Arjun asks her to tell, how and where they got married. Nisha says even I didn’t know that he will be like this, and tells that they met 6 years before, and says they were in love and married 6 years back, and then he started doubting me, and thinks that I have affair with all men. She tells that their relation changed due to his doubts, and they have changed many houses, and he started locking her in the room. She says he threatened to kill her son and her parents, and that’s why she is silent. She asks him to keep the album and go. Arjun keeps the album and goes out. He thinks to talk to Kashvi first.

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