#Banistan: 9 THINGS that should be BANNED from daily soaps

9 THINGS that should be BANNED from daily soaps

With our Censor Board always on the toe to cut inappropriate scenes from the film or actively initiating into banning one, our country has witnessed many ban activities. Inspired from our respected Censor Board we just thought of creating our own ‘Banistan’ on television, where we can ban the unwanted and unrealistic themes of daily soaps.

So, here goes our rule of Banistaan, which cannot be defied.

Plastic Surgeries

Don’t be shocked if you find one fine day hot and sexy Mandira Bedi turning into dusky and tall Achint Kaur. Haven’t you heard of Rakhi Sawant’s famous statement? ‘What God cannot provide, doctors can’!! Aptly said lady!! Doctors can even change our height, skin tone and voice. Right?? Enough of plastic surgery nonsense makers, you can simply put a statement that from henceforth the role of X will be essayed by Y actor.


Leap in serials can be defined as an act of defying medical science. Wondering why we are saying so? Remember how many generations BAA (Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi) witnessed? Amba Virani – Savita Virani – Tulsi Virani – Nandini Virani – Krishna Tulsi Virani. And after all those leaps what was Baa’s actual biological age, can anyone please count for us? And even if not generations, but simply taking leap for a few years or months and repeating the same good V/S evil drama with a new vamp is really frustrating. And the trend continues till date…

Rona Dhona

‘Cry Cry Itna Cry Karte Hain Kaiko?’ Most probably Abbas Tyrewala and A.R.Rahman were much influenced to compose this track after watching daily soaps or maybe it was their way of paying tribute to the EPIC ‘rona-dhona’ theme of daily dramas. From Tulsi, Parvati to Simar, Archana, whatever their plight is, the leading ladies for sure have mastered the art of crying. Whatever the reason is the only word we will use for ‘rona-dhona’ drama is BAN.

No Consummation

Overdose of Sanskar you see. We are so Sanskari that not only before marriage but even after marriage our television couples don’t consummate. Raman-Ishita, Avi-Pragya, LD-Radha, and all the names in the endless list please consummate. And surprisingly whenever TRP tends to go down on a lower scale then consummation scenes or mere promos of such scenes works as a magic wander.


As soon as we get used to one actor in a particular role, he or she gets replaced. How wonderfully Sriti Jha turned into Sargun Mehta into Asiya Kazi in Balika Vadhu. Isn’t it? Now, we are simply clueless about whom to blame in this case, the creatives or the actors or the makers?

Zoooom-in and Zoooom-out

Have our makers lost their faith in cinematographers that they use only this particular irritating technique? Come on, our cinematographers and editors are much more capable than only doing this nonsense. And honestly speaking it even hurts our eyesight. Oh, how can I miss the horrible sound effects coupled with this ‘zoom’ and ‘black and white’ techniques of camera work?

Chewing Gum Drama

We do love chewing gum but not chewing gum dramas. We are simply clueless about why finite series does not work and makers stretch one simple plot unnecessarily. Even we have lost the count for how many months Avi and Pragya were on run, trying to escape form kidnappers, or for how many times the Naagin have hypnotized Sid. We rest our case in this matter.


Just for information Polygamy has long been banned under Hindu Marriage Act 1955. So, we simply do not have any clue why it is still prevalent in our daily soaps? Perhaps the concept started from the time of popular Balaji show Kabhi Sautan Kabhi Saheli and surprisingly it’s still continuing. Please ban this illegal act from our telly-world as well.

Illogical Plots

Okay, so makers, do you think viewers are actually so stupid to believe that someone can actually turn into Ichhadhari Naagin or once the Court has ordered for capital punishment then anyone else except for the President of the country can stop that proceeding or anyone can simply walk into your drawing room even after his or her cremation ceremony?

Honestly speaking if we try to figure out and pen down the themes, which should be banned then maximum chance lies in the fact that the list will never end. So, we tried to figure out minimum points which should essentially be banned from television.

If you agree with us readers then share and retweet. If you want to add to the list, feel free to comment below.


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