Dear trollers, cooking is not the only criteria to win Bigg Boss

An open letter to all those who think Bigg Boss is more about cooking and less about tasks
Dear trollers, cooking is not the only criteria to win Bigg Boss

Disclaimer: - This article by no means is trying to support or oppose any contestant from Bigg Boss. It is just an analytical piece and personal perspective of the writer.

Last night, Bigg Boss 11 aired a rather debatable episode wherein certain sections of the media including a correspondent from TellyChakkar were given a chance to enter the house. The inmates were pretty elated about seeing the media personalities however, things did turn sour post the whole conference. As the viewers must have witnessed the house was clearly divided into two sections – Shilpa Shinde and the anti Shilpa gang comprising of Hina, Vikas and Akash.

The one stark topic that was raised in yesterday’s episode was of Shilpa Shinde and her affiliation towards cooking. Meanwhile, Hina was quite vocal about her disagreement towards it. Thereafter a reporter present over there raised a point towards Hina and said that, this isn’t Khatron Ke Khiladi where tasks are paramount. Then what? Soon the trollers started bashing Hina and the gang and in no time, Twitter was divided into two sides.

However, being a loyal fan of the reality series, one will certainly disagree to the whole fiasco – whether cooking is important in the show or not. Obviously it is however, it can’t be the criteria to win a reality series unless it is a cooking based program. Before you reach to your conclusions that we are supporting someone and call us slanted, hold on your horses and read the whole point below.

1.If not Khatron Ke Khiladi, then Bigg Boss is not Masterchef either

The previous seasons have seen many contestants who had an affiliation towards cooking for instance Dolly Bindra from season 4. As far as my knowledge is concerned, she was also tagged as ‘Anna Poorna Devi’ by the housemates. Forget season 4, in this season itself, Sabyasachi Satpathy, was only known for making delicious food in the house and everyone loved him. However he was not entertaining enough to survive long in the quarters. Agreed, that one who cooks for everyone is of high significance but this show isn’t just about cooking. Because if cooking was the criteria to win Bigg Boss, then Dolly Bindra should have won season 4.

2.Tasks do matter

For people who say that tasks are of no importance in the show, we can’t argue much, because they won’t fathom the nityy-gritty of the series. The concept of the series is about tasks. Captainship, luxury budget task, immunity, nominations and everything are dependent on the task. In fact in the last edition, Manveer Gurjar became a huge rage amongst the mass because of his persistence in the tasks. Furthermore, in the same season, Bani Judge who had a colossal fan base before her participation was heavily criticized for her lack of interest in the tasks. Principally, the program is dependent on how well one performs in the tasks and plays the game smartly. Because if tasks were of no importance in Bigg Boss, unlike Khatron Ke Khiladi, then Bani Judge should have won the last season, right?

3.All rounder

To win Bigg Boss isn’t a child’s play. Bigg Boss is all about being an overall performer. The viewers wish to their favorite celebrities in their raw self in the show. They want to see them doing everything, from cooking, to cleaning to dancing, to entertaining and to doing well in the tasks.  If we take in consideration all the past winners of the non-fiction series, they have won the series because of their ‘all rounder’ skills. Gauahar Khan – was an excellent in tasks and was a good cook, Gautam Gulati – persistent in his tasks, entertaining and a good cook, Shweta Tiwari – task, entertaining, cooking skills and opinionated. All these were just few instances of the winners who walked away with the trophy because of them being much involved in the show. We can’t just undo the fact that only one aspect can define your future in Bigg Boss.

4.Other chores

While you stay in the glass-walled house, you just don’t cook. There are other chores as well that the housemates have to do during their stay. There’s cleaning, washing of utensils and plus cleaning of washrooms. While cooking is important one can’t understate the importance of other household chores. It is not easy to clean a stranger’s poop after being a celebrity in front of the whole world. Why no sympathy for the contestants who cleanse the dirt? Could that be the criteria to get away with the trophy? No!

Crux of the story is that there’s not just one particular skill that should be the deciding factor for winning the show. Moreover, a small message for Shilpa Shinde’s fans, the lady has done so much in the show. She has been entertaining, winning hearts and has given more to the show than just cooking. So if she wins the title let’s not give, cooking the credit for her victory. That’ll be wrong!

Again, we at TellyChakkar have no bias towards anyone. In fact, we feel that all the three contestants Hina, Shilpa and Vikas deserve to win the show. 


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