Life lessons to learn from Udann

Life lessons to learn from Udann

One of the most popular tales on TV right now, Udann traces the ups and downs of a kid and all those associated with her. Shown from the perspective of a little girl, Chakor, Udann focuses on many a pressing issues of the society. We drum up a list of lessons you can learn from the Colors’ creation…read on:

Determination is everything:

When the little Chakor is faced with many trials and tribulations, she rises above them through her determination and strength. Despite her tender age, she knows that only confidence and grit will take her places. Nothing else will come to her rescue. We all can take a cue or two from Chakor and let our willpower be our guiding light. What say?

Importance of education

The one thing that gives Chakor the confidence and determination to overpower her obstacles is education. She not only grasps everything with an eagerness of a child, but also applies them in her everyday life. She is liberated, thanks to the gift of learning. Don’t you think that’s how it should be? Every child should have access to education. May be more kids would get inspired by Chakor. 

Kids have pure hearts: 

Even though Chakor is pitted against kids from a rival family, those little ones do not mistreat her. Because kids ultimately have pure hearts that doesn’t see any malice. Even though they are from warring families, the kids treat Chakor with love and affection and even teach her the sophistication of upper class living. 

Rural India is still backward: 

An important aspect that the show highlights is the backwardness of rural India. There are still so many barbaric rituals and customs that there’s a distinct line between the new-age India and its village counterpart. From the concept of keeping a child ‘girvi’ to still considering girls a burden, the show traces many such traditions. We are sure that the show has created a certain awareness among the masses and made us realise how the interiors of the country live. May be it’s time to put a stop to such things?

This is what we have learned from the show. What about you? Let us know!


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