Reasons why Hello Pratibha is an INSPIRING show

Reasons why Hello Pratibha is an INSPIRING show

We all know that women-oriented shows have melodrama, over-the-top acting and showcase unbelievable atrocities on the female lead. But that's all going to change because there's one show that's portraying women as fighters than mere props around the house. Yes, we are talking about Zee TV's latest offering, Hello Pratibha from the stables of Shakuntalam Telefilms.  As the show picks up pace with the audiences, we tell you why it makes for an inspiring on:

Life doesn't end post marriage:

This is a thought most women, especially from underprivileged households, have about the institution of marriage. If you were ambitious, outgoing and an earning member of the family before tying the knot, you need not give up on your dreams just because you have a Mrs tag and a new family to take care of. While Pratibha (Binny Sharma) does everything that a wife and a mother is expected of, she doesn't give up on her own identity. She strives to achieve something in her a life. We can all learn a lesson or two from her, can't we?

Family’s the first priority:

It goes without saying that your dreams, ambitions and career come second in the race called life. Family will always remain the first priority. It doesn't matter whether you're a man or a woman, you have to choose between an ambitious project and the well-being of your family. That's the way life works and that's what Hello Pratibha is trying to tell us. Having a dream is important, but not at the cost of our family. But that doesn't mean that we let our families take us for granted and stop us from making our identities. It's a tough choice.

Women need not sacrifice always:

If your kid falls ill, it's NOT the duty of the wife to always take care of the child. She need not always take leave from work to tend to the child. The father has equal responsibility in this issue. With both husband and wife working these days, it's becoming more and more important to draw a clear line between the responsibilities of both the parents. Pratibha is a homemaker but that doesn't mean that she should be the only one who sacrifices for the sake of the child or family. Both have to share the load and care for their home. It's true that a child craves his/her mother's love when sick, but it's the father's job to volunteer to take care of him/her.

Being a homemaker doesn't make you any less independent:

It's a myth that every homemaker has that she is in some way inferior to the working ladies. She is not. Housewives are not any less independent, feisty or self-aware like their outgoing counterparts. Hello Pratibha aims to burst such myths and help women who are home-bound to come out of their cocoons. Many smart and witty ladies have not had the exposure, which working women enjoy, because of the shackles of marriages, families and in-laws.

Aren't you inspired by such a show that showcases women as doers and not just vengeful sisters-in-law?

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