Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Savi Gets A Shocking News

MUMBAI: Ishaan makes an announcement for students. Nishikanth walks to him and signals to check time. Ishaan tells students that it’s already late and he just wanted to wish them good luck for their exams. Once he concludes his announcement, Nishi reminds him that it’s already 11 a.m. and everyone are waiting for him at a board meeting. Ishaan rushes to the boardroom and apologizes Yashwant for being late. Yashwant taunts him that he has many responsibilities on his shoulder and now he is newly married. Board member says they can understand Ishaan’s situation as even they are married. Yashwant asks board members if they know the agenda of today’s meeting. Board member Sharmaji says an anonymous letter is printed in their college magazine, they would have faced humiliation if it had been printed somewhere else. Nishi reads the letter that Bhosale institute’s few deserving students get scholarship each year to fulfill their basic necessities, but this year college’s funds are being misused with institute’s director Ishaan’s wife Savi getting scholarship even after staying in a lavish house and leading a lavish life.

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Yaswant acts angry and says it’s a wrong allegation on them. Ishaan says Savi is a deserving student and got scholarship with her hard work. Yashwant asks Sharmaji what he would like to say. Sharmaji says since this letter is printed in their college magazine, they should refer to the rule book once. Yashwant asks Ishaan to read the rules loudly. Ishaan reads that if a student becomes financially sound or get married, his/her scholarship will be revoked. Yashwant recalls making a plan with Nishi to cancel Savi’s scholarship. Sharmaji says they should follow the rules or else will stop getting grants from the education board. Yashwant says they can’t revoke a deserving candidate’s scholarship due to rules. Ishaan says it’s a serious issue and they need to follow the rules.

Savi makes a note of Harini’s medical bills and thinks she needs to repay over 6 lakhs approximately to Ishaan, it’s good that she has scholarship or else she would have been under more financial stress. Ishaan tells board members that they shall cancel the rules itself as they can’t revoke a deserving candidate’s scholarship just because she is married. Yashwant says to change any rules, they need to call for a general body meeting and it can’t happen this semester. Another board member Srikanth says Ishaan can pay Savi’s fees and even start a scholarship in her name. Ishaan says it’s a serious issue and they shall handle it seriously as a hardworking student’s scholarship is at stake. Nishi says let us not exaggerate this issue. Yashwant asks Ishaan to take a decision after much thought as he is both Savi’s husband and board of director and his wrong decision will impact adversely on the college. Srikanth says Ishaan has to take a decision today itself.

Ishaan returns home, notices Savi making calculations, and asks about it. Savi says she is calculating the expenses and the money he owe him, says it’s good that she got a scholarship or else she would have put more financial burden on him, she will repay his loan soon and doesn’t want to be a burden on him or his family. Ishaan says he wants to relay her a news before she hears it from someone else. He explains scholarship rule and reveals that college board has canceled her scholarship and all the benefits she was getting will be canceled. Savi is shocked to hear that and asks how can board cancel her scholarship, why did he allow it. Ishaan says he tried his best to explain board, but they didn’t listen to him. Savi says she worked hard to get this scholarship. Ishaan says whether she believes or not, her financial status has changed after marrying him. Savi says all her dreams will shatter if scholarship is canceled, she wanted to repay his loan by completing her studies with his scholarship and getting a job, he can’t cancel it just like that. Ishaan says he already told her that it’s board’s decision and not his. Savi leaves home to question board members.

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Yashwant offers sweets to Surekha and informs her that he revoked Savi’s scholarship. Surekha gets happy hearing that. Yashwant says Ishaan has gone to relay this news to Savi, Savi would be in a shock, etc. Surekha says this was the best way to teach her a lesson, let her see what Savi will do now. Savi walks on road trying to board an auto. Ishaan stops her and asks if she will tell board of directors that she is not married to him, how will she prove it. Savi says she agreed to stay at his house to help him as he helped Harini and once Harini gets well, she will leave his house; he should have informed this to Yashwant and not let her scholarship revoked. Ishaan stands dumbstruck. Savi continues that she will get back her scholarship at any cost.

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