Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Ishan Learns Truth

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

MUMBAI: Shantanu notices Isha arranging candy floss and lollipop on a table and asks what is she doing. Isha says making arrangements for party as Savi is a kid within and would be excited seeing her surprise, it’s a surprise for her completing her exam today. Savi returns. Isha asks Shantanu to hide the gifts soon. He hides them. Isha says she must have written her paper well. Savi gives her rustication letter. Isha asks what is this. Savi says she should be proud of her that her favorite student is being rusticated for cheating in exam. Shantanu is shocked to hear that and asks if Ishan wasn’t present there. Savi says Ishan always finds a reason to humiliate her; she pleaded Ishan, Nishi, Yashwant, and Sathe sir that she is innocent and Durva and Ayush cheated instead, but they were in no mood to listen to her and gave her rustication letter.

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Ishan checks Durva and Ayush’s answer sheets and finds them similar, copied from a book without their own effort. He then picks Savi’s answer sheet and thinks he should give her 0, then checks answers and is surprised see detailed and brilliant answers. He realizes Savi is innocent and Durva cheated in exam instead. Asmita brings coffee for Ishan and requests him to not get angry if she reveals him something and learns that their family daughter cheated in exam and not Savi. Ishan asks what is it. Asmita shows him chit and says she found it in Durva’s jeans. Ishan gets angry seeing the chit.

Savi describes how she was humiliated and accused in college from the beginning, how Kiran tried to defame her, etc. Isha says they did all this to vent out their frustration on me, I shouldn’t have sent her to this college, etc. Ishan informs family that Durva cheated in exam instead and blamed Savi. Family refuses to believe him. Ishan shows them a third chit. Nishi says he must have found it in Savi’s answer sheet. Ishan says Asmita found it in Durva’s jeans. Surekha thinks Asmita is a fool. Ishan says poor Savi was pleading that she is innocent, but they didn’t believe her. He asks where is Durva.

Durva returns home after partying. Ishan shows her chits and asks whose handwriting is it. Durva says it’s Savi’s handwriting. Ishan says Asmita found it in her jeans. Durva says Savi must have kept it. Ishan tongue lashes her for her heinous act, but she continues to lie. Ishan angrily tries to hit her. Family stops him. Ishan warns to tell truth. She accepts that Ayush kept chits in Savi’s answer sheet and pleads to forgive her. Ishan says the time to forgive her has gone, she should leave studies and set up a vada pav stall in front of college. Surekha drags him aside to speak. Nishi drags Durva to her room. Yashwant recalls Savi’s plea.

Shantanu tells Savi that he will confront Yashwant tomorrow for taking a wrong decision without seeking truth. Savi says she will return back to Ramtek. Isha suggests Savi to fight back like a warrior and not give up.

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