Imlie 21st February 2024 Written Episode Update: Surya Comes To Buy Chaudhry House

MUMBAI: Binni notices maid’s tattoo and tells Daadi that she has same tattoo as Imlie’s. She asks maid/Imlie to lift her ghunghat and show her face. Sonali stops her and says she knows this maid who is from Imlie’s area and the tattoo artist there makes same tattoo for everyone. She asks what is her name. Imlie says one in a million Paro and asks what dish shall she prepare. Sonali says Paro used to work in Sharmaji’s house and she has heard a very positive review about her. She takes Imlie to her house and says Daadi would have kicked her out of the house if she had seen her face. Imlie says she can’t let babu’s house auctioned and family in trouble and has to do something, asks if Daadi knows about the auction tomorrow. Sonali says no as nobody has courage to inform her.

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Govind shows a house brochure to Daadi. Daadi asks what is this. Rajni says they are only a few people with Sonali injured and them all getting old, so they can’t manage such a big 2-storey house and should shift to a small house. Daadi asks them to tell a real reason. Govind reveals that due to financial loss and mounting debts, their house will be auctioned tomorrow. Imlie gets emotional recalling quality time spent with Agastya in this house. Daadi also gets emotional recalling her children’s childhood in that house. Imlie plays piano in Agastya’s style. Daadi gets emotional hearing that and asks Govind to take her there. Imlie hides by then. Daadi says it’s Agastya’s signal that he has sent someone to get them out of their problem. Imlie asks Sonali when will the prospective buyers visit the house. Sonali says in the evening.

Surya’s mother informs him that Malati is missing. Surya rushes out in search of her and finds her wandering on street. He stops her and asks where is she going. Malati says her husband hasn’t returned since 18 days. Surya assures to find Raghu soon. His mother tongue lashes Tripathi for not finding Raghu yet. Tripathi informs that police commissioner has removed Surya from the case and shut it. Surya returns home with Malati. Mother asks if Raghu’s case is shut. Malati says Raghu got tired of her and went to Dubai. Surya asks what is she saying. She stops him and asks mother not to blame Surya for her and Raghu’s problems.

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Prospective buyers start visiting Chaudhry house for inspection. Imlie frightens them with weird stories and shoos them away. Malati walks in next and says it’s such a big house, her brother wants to buy it and gift it to her. Imlie walks to Surya who is standing facing his back towards her and says he looks so royal and rich and deserves to stay in big cities and not in a small village, so he shouldn’t buy this villa. Surya turns. Imlie is shocked to see him. Surya says she is so fond of him that she is following him everywhere. Their nok jhok starts. Surya challenges her to soon takeover everything that belongs to Agastya and even her.

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