Pandya Store 20th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Dhawal doubts Amrish

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Bhaven arguing with Amrish. Amrish says Shalini is getting her enmity. Bhaven says the women will go out of the house to earn, we men will handle the kitchen, fine, you stay here, I will go and talk to Shalini. Amrish says try to understand, I will find some way out, you don’t need to go to Shalini. Chabeli says tell me what to cook, your bahus are busy outside. Amba gets angry and says don’t cook anything, let them stay hungry. She goes. Chirag says Chabeli, you should have made dal rice, why did you ask Amba. He goes.

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Dolly says I have filled the form, Natasha, you also fill it. Natasha says I m not participating, this form is for Makhwana bahus, I m a Pandya. Hetal asks what are you saying, you can’t step back, you are our fav Natasha, our family, we will participate if you participate, else we won’t. Dolly says we live together, we die together. Pranali says Natasha, we are not strangers, we are family, you are a part of Makhwana family. They don’t listen to Natasha and ask her to sign. The lady asks peon to call new joinee to collect forms. Natasha signs the form. Suman calls out Shesh. Shesh hides his face. Suman asks Isha did you see Shesh and Mittu. Shesh signs no. Suman says you don’t want to answer, you are angry, I m annoyed with you. She asks for water. She says fine, I will take it. Shesh worries. Isha looks for water bottle. Suman asks do you know where is Chiku. Shesh signs don’t know. Mittu comes and says we will go out. Suman asks why isn’t Isha answering. Mittu takes Suman outside. Shesh says Chiku… remember this. Dhawal comes to get the forms. Everyone turns and sees Dhawal. The girl says collect their forms. He gets shocked seeing them. He asks what are you all doing here. They ask what are you doing here. Dolly says we came to participate, how romantic, you came here after Natasha. He checks the forms.

He asks did Amrish agree for this, that’s not possible, I don’t believe this. Hetal says yes, Amrish asked us to come here. She tells everything. He says maybe he has some other intentions, I don’t believe this. Dolly says focus on Natasha. Dhawal jokes. Natasha says I don’t want to give you any hopes. He says I told you, I will win you over by becoming independent and successful, I got a job here. Hetal asks what. Dhawal says I have seen movies of 90s heros, they used to struggle a lot, you have come to me easily. Natasha says our relation is of contestant and employee, nothing else. She goes. He says she is always angry. Hetal says give her some time, her wounds will heal. He says I can wait entire life for her. Pranali says we are with you, we will unite you with Natasha. He says thanks, love you all. They hug. Amrish comes to his room and gets angry. He recalls everything and cries. He shouts why did everything fail. Dhawal says I m happy, you got a chance to come out of the house. Pranali says we promise, we will unite Natasha and you. Hetal says we promise, we will take you back to Makhwana house. Dhawal says thanks, but you have to be careful, I know Amrish will do something. Hetal says you are doubting him so much, you have changed. He says time has changed, Amrish has given me a reason to not trust him, you also know it, he doesn’t do anything without a motive.

Hetal recalls Shalini’s words. They go. Dhawal says I promise, I won’t let Amrish succeed this time. They all attend the lecture class. Swing…plays… The lady shows the catwalk to them. Hetal says they are taking much time, I have to get Golu from school, I have to go home. The lady says you enrolled late, you can’t go, I have to tell you the rules and regulations after the grooming session. Hetal says I have to go. Natasha says talk to Amrish, its imp to be here. Bhaven comes to Amrish and says we can arrange 40 crores, what about the other 10. Amrish says we will see.

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Hetal calls Amrish and asks can you pick Golu, I can’t leave from here. He shouts on her. She says they have asked the participants to stay back, can you please pick Golu. Amrish gets angry. The lady asks Hetal to end the call. Amrish says fine, I will see. He says Bhaven, I have a meeting with investors, go and pick Golu, Hetal has gone to the competition. Bhaven says fine and leaves. Hetal says it got managed. The lady says the first round will be swim wear. They get shocked. The lady says I will provide you the costumes. Hetal and Pranali worry. Hetal says I can’t wear it, I will take my name back. Pranali says right, I can’t wear it. Dolly says I have no problem to wear it, but it won’t be allowed. She asks the lady is it okay to not wear the swimsuit. The lady says sorry, you will get eliminated, its compulsory, then you can go to finale round.

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