Suhaagan 14th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Bindiya tries to make Krish see the truth


MUMBAI:The Episode starts with Payal coming to Krish and Bindiya’s room holding the hammer, and breaks the handcuff. Krish wakes up hearing the sound and gets shocked. He asks if she is mad to hit hammer in night and says it is good that Bindiya is fast asleep else she would have created drama in the house. Payal asks if I shall let you both sleep as hans couple. Krish says she has troubled everyone a lot and me also. Payal says I can’t let you sleep with her and is about to hit hammer on Bindiya’s hand. Bindiya holds the hammer and tells that she is not sleeping in a deep sleep and says tenant came again. He says Payal. Bindiya says tenant. Krish asks Payal to go. Bindiya gets up and asks her to go and closes the door.

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Sakshi tells Vikram that Bindiya insulted them and she will not leave them. In the morning, Sakshi comes to Payal’s room and knocks on the door. Payal opens the door and asks why did you bring tea? Sakshi says I thought you didn’t sleep all night as Police brought you, but you was sleeping. Payal thinks this naagin is lecturing her. Sakshi says you might be thinking that I am lecturing you and says you might have thought name for me. She tells that she don’t like her, but feels pity on her. Payal asks her not to worry, else she will get wrinkles and will not get any likes on her posts. Sakshi says you are brave and says if there was any other girl then would have got heart attack with fear or shame, and tells that you was in Police custody and Krish was in Bindiya’s custody. She says they were handcuffed romantically and says whatever might have happened between them. Payal says Krish can’t do anything with Bindiya. She goes to their room and sees broken bangles on the bed and Krish and Bindiya sleeping with together. Payal scolds Krish and makes him get up. Bindiya asks why is she shouting early morning. Payal asks Krish to see what happened? Krish looks at himself and Bindiya. Payal says Bindiya must have trapped you, but how can you do this with me. Sakshi comes to Indu and asks her to come, and says blast is happening in Krish’s room. Indu says just as morning came, drama started. Sakshi asks krish what had happened? Indu asks Nidhi to take Payal outside. Payal goes with her.

Bindiya tells that she didn’t know what happened? Indu tells Bindiya that she was imitating them and asks why she is becoming good now. Indu says it is limit of shamelessness and asks them to come down. Sakshi recalls coming to their room, when they were sleeping and making the lipstick marks on Krish’s chest and rubbing Bindiya’s lipstick on her lips, breaks her bangles and spreads her sindoor in her hairline and goes. Krish tells Bindiya whatever she has done. Bindiya says how did she drink? Krish tells her that they are handcuffed, it seems the handcuff had not broken when Payal hit at it with the hammer. Bindiya feels bad. Krish says how we will go down with this handcuff. Bindiya opens the handcuff with her hair pin. He says you don’t leave any chance to surprise me, and says I was thinking how to open it. He asks her to get ready to go down. Bindiya says how to face them.

Sakshi tells Krish that first Krish was having present and future wife, but now there is competition in wedding night also, and first with Payal and then Bindiya. Krish shouts Bhabhi. Vikram taunts Krish. Nidhi tells that it was indecent act. Pankaj tells that they are husband and wife and tells that it is called love, and says whatever Payal did with Krish was indecent act. Krish says nothing happened between Bindiya and him, and asks bindiya to say. Bindiya tells that she was not in her conscience and will agree to whatever he says. She says she don’t know what has happened.

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Krish says I was in my senses, but you was not, and says why will I take advantage of your unconscious state. Bindiya says I am believing you, just like you believed Payal, as you was unconscious that day and don’t know what had happened. She says I agree to your sayings and asks Payal if she is saying wrong. Payal asks did I make fake story of my wedding night and says you are making me as liar to prove yourself right, and asks Indu if any girl can get this stain on her, and asks Nidhi to say if any girl can lie about her private moment. They don’t say anything. Payal asks Krish to say, if he also thinks that she made fake story. She then pretends to faint and falls down. Krish shouts Payal.

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