Suhaagan 17th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Sakshi creates a drama


MUMBAI:The Episode starts with Indu searching for the necklace and says it was beautiful and precious necklace. Sakshi looks on. Bindiya asks Dadi to take care of herself. Dadi says even you. Baldev asks Dadi to sit in the car. Sakshi comes out and shouts asking them to stop. Indu asks Guard to close the gate. Baldev asks what happened? Sakshi tells that costly necklace is missing, when they were here, it was there and when they were going, the necklace went missing. Indu tells that the necklace was worth 16 lakhs Rs. Sakshi says they will be checked. Krish comes there and tells that nobody will check them. Indu says if they have not stolen then they will not have any problem to get themselves checked. Sakshi tells that the necklace was more precious than your lives, and then asks if it was precious then your prestige. Bindiya asks Sakshi to check and tells that they shall not hurt innocent people. Payal thinks she wanted to steal it and thinks who has stolen it/ Dadi asks Phoolmati to give her bag. Sakshi says first Servant will be checked and asks Sapna to come. Sapna says she was going to give snacks to her relatives. Sakshi asks her to come first. Vikram asks Sakshi what her relatives will think. Sakshi says what can we do now. She asks Vikram to check the male Servants, while she checks the female Servants. After this, Sakshi tells that now Chirayya people will be checked. Bindiya and Krish apologize to Dadi and others for the humiliation. Payal thinks she can’t waste time and shall search the kit. Sakshi stops her.

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The Servants check Dadi first, then Phoolmati and others, but they didn’t get anything. Sapna tells Sakshi that nothing is found. Indu asks where did my 16 lakhs Rs necklace go missing? Dadi says we will leave now, if you are done. Bindiya says no, and says until the necklace is found, nobody will leave. She tells Indu that just like my family is here and was checked, Sakshi Bhabhi’s family shall be checked as they are here.

Sakshi says they are not poor like you people. Bindiya says who said that rich people don’t steal. Sakshi says they have nothing to hide. Krish supports Bindiya and asks Sakshi to call her relatives. Sakshi’s relatives are called. They come there. Sakshi says Mausi ji, and tells that she can’t insult her family and asks Indu to make her understand. Indu says actually the matter is….Bindiya asks why you are hesitating, and says you didn’t hesitate infront of my family. Baldev says no problem, I will tell them. Baldev tells Sakshi’s relatives that the precious necklace is stolen and that’s why they are checking everyone. Krish says we don’t want to involve the Police. Sakshi’s relative asks them to check. Sapna checks them. Payal finds pregnancy kit and takes it secretly. Sapna says necklace is not found. Indu asks Bindiya, if you are happy now. Sakshi says I think that Chirayya people have stolen it. Indu apologizes to Sakshi’s Mausi.

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Bindiya sees Mausi ji setting her hair and asks her to stop. She says you are not fully check. Mausi ji asks what you will get by getting me insulted. Bindiya says I can never insult any woman,and says I just want to check one place, if you don’t feel bad. She opens her hair and the necklace and bangles fall down on the ground. Everyone is shocked. Rose says she is a thief. Bindiya picks the necklace. Nidhi asks Sakshi, why did her rich Mausi steal the jewellery. Sakshi scolds her Mausi and says she made her feel ashamed and asks her to call Police. Mausi ji’s daughter tells that she didn’t know that Mummy will steal anywhere, and tells that she has an illness kleptomania. Sakshi asks Indu to call Police. Indu says no and tells that she is our relative, we shall not call the Police. Bindiya thinks even I am your family, but you didn’t think once before calling the Police.

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