Anjali Arora unable to attend good friend Ali Merchants wedding as she is down with fever due to Delhi pollution


MUMBAI: In the dazzling realm of social media, Anjali Arora stands out as a luminary with a staggering 13 million followers. Recognized not only for her digital charisma but also for her stint on the reality show "Lock Upp ," Anjali found herself absent from Ali Merchant's wedding festivities. The cause? A battle against the adverse effects of the relentless Delhi pollution, coupled with the weariness stemming from her rigorous involvement in an ongoing project that demanded extensive travel.

Despite her absence from the wedding celebrations, Anjali Arora became a subject of avid curiosity as her recent escapades unfolded on social media. The 22-year-old sensation embarked on a spiritual journey, completing the revered Chaar Dham Yatra, and shared glimpses of this transformative experience through captivating videos and pictures.

While Anjali may have missed Ali Merchant's wedding, the bond between them remained intact. A glimpse into their enduring friendship surfaced as Anjali engaged in a virtual rendezvous with the groom through a Zoom call. Sources reveal that Ali had extended an invitation to Anjali for the upcoming wedding reception but Anjali couldn’t attend the function as she is down with fever due to the ongoing increase of the pollution rate in Delhi. 

In the dynamic world of social media and celebrity engagements, Anjali Arora's journey unfolds as a tapestry woven with professional commitments, health challenges, and spiritual exploration, leaving her audience intrigued and eager for the next chapter in her vibrant narrative.

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