Anupamaa: Fan-Fiction! Netizens predicts Anupama’s return to the USA; say, ‘Post Dimpy’s wedding she would be back to the USA and its Vanraj VS Anupama’

The current track of Anupama is quite interesting as Anupama has lost everything due to her one mistake even Yashdeep told her not to be in the restaurant. The Netizens feel that Anupama will return back to the USA and she would be the main reason why Dimpy and Tittu will get married.

MUMBAI: Anupamaa is presently ruling our television screens. The show is doing exceptionally well and is topping the weekly BARC ratings.

These days, the show's track focuses on quite an interesting narrative, where Anupama has been framed where when the cook critic had come to her restaurant there was cockroach served in the plate and hence they got angry and closed down her business and took away her trophy and Anupama somewhere couldn’t prove her innocence.

We also saw how Adhya requested Anupama to go back to India so that they can live in peace and Anupama decides to go as it's Dimpy's wedding and she wants her to be happy and she knows if she doesn’t go then Dimpy won’t get married.

Anuj doesn’t want her to go but she  has the belief that she would come back to the USA and once again would open the restaurant and will get her respect back and everything will be fine, but now her focus is Dimpy and Tittu’s marriage.

The fans feel that soon they would get to see the Vanraj and Anupama tiff as Vanraj is against the marriage whereas Anupama at any cost will get them married.

They feel that soon the culprit will be out and Anupama will be back to the USA once again as a business woman and will get back her respect.

The fans have requested that the makers don’t stretch this track for way too much and would expose the culprit soon.

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Check out what the fans had to say:

Aishwarya Khanna: This was a given that she would go back to India for Dimpy’s wedding but soon the culprit should be out and she will be back to the USA but it’s time for the good old days are back as it would be Vanraj vs Anupama once again and that’s fun to watch and I fell it's one of the biggest USP. But I hope the makers don’t stretch the track too much.

Kabir Khan: Anupama will be back to the USA that is a given as the culprit has to be out and punished. But now Vanraj will make Anupama’s life a living hell and he keeps taunting her and she will give it back to him which takes back to the good old days of the show. It’s Vanraj Vs Anupama time.

Priya Chopra: I have a gut feeling that Vanraj would win this time against Anupama as the truth that he has hidden from everyone would come out and this could be the reason why Dimpy wouldn’t marry him and things will work out for Vanraj. But we all know how Anupama is and she will fight till the end and will make sure that Dimpy and Tittu get married.

Karan Sharama: Anupama and Vanraj once again will be at loggerheads and they would have their differences when it comes to Tittu and Dimpy’s marriage and this would be fun to see but then I know she would return back to the USA as soon as possible as the culprit has to be caught.

Pooja Shah: Anupama is now returning back to India and she is leaving the USA and would be back soon as the culport will be found but once again she would have to hear from Vanraj and Baa and things are not going to be that easy for Anupama, but she had to come for Dimpy’s wedding as Vanraj will stop it and Anupama will make it happen.

Well, there is no doubt that the fans feel that she would return back and are excited to see the new track of Vanraj VS Anuapama.

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