Exclusive! Casting Con by Azhar, Dilip Verma, Abhishek Thakur? Ankita Khare and Sadique Mustafa speak up – READ THE EXPOSE HERE!

A few days ago, TellyChakkar exposed Shadman Khan, and now, we are here with an exclusive story about a casting con that has happened with a few actors. Read on to know more...
Ankita Khare and Sadique Mustafa

MUMBAI: We have read some horrific stories about casting couches, but now one clearly needs to be aware of casting con as well. A few days ago, TellyChakkar exposed Shadman Khan, and now, we are here with an exclusive story about a casting con that has happened with a few actors.

What will happen if someone on the pretext of giving work takes money from you, shoots for a couple of days for a show, and later neither gives your money back nor the show is being made?

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Well, a few days ago, actress Ankita Khare approached TellyChakkar to share her ordeal about a casting con that happened with her.

While sharing what happened with her, Ankita revealed, “One year back, there was a production name Croma Telefilm Productions. They told us that they are doing a show for Zee named Jugaad Marriage Bureau. They asked for some money like they asked for Rs. 2 lakh, so I told them I cannot give that much. Then they asked for Rs. 1 lakh and after I gave that they shot for 1 pilot shoot. They had not told us that it’s a pilot shoot because that it is different and a serial is different. They made us sign fake agreements as well. Later, I came to know that I was not the only one; they do such things with others as well. After a few months, like six-eight months, they called and said that we are restarting the shoot, so I said okay and then they got some new artists and they had asked for money from them as well.”

“They had also taken a fake office Ijmima (Malad), but later I came to know that it was not their office. After six months, to cast new actors they had taken a new office and that was in Andheri. Later, I came to know that was not their office. After sometime they shut their phone and change their numbers. So, this is the scenario,” she added.  

When asked about the details of the people from production, Ankita revealed the director’s name is Abhishek Thakur and she is trying to reach him from the past few months but his number is not reachable.  She also revealed that there’s a guy named Dilip from the production house and there’s a casting director named Azhar. Ankita also claimed that she thinks they all are involved in this and they just blame each other. 

Ankita further said, “I have come to know that it’s their ongoing process. They shoot for a day and then they cast new actors. From some people they have asked Rs. 10 lakh as well. Basically, the reason to give the money was that after the lockdown I didn’t have much work, so I was like okay, there’s an office, look test is happening, mock shoot is happening, so on a per day basis, I will get my payment back.”

Below is a picture of the contract that Ankita had signed…

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Not just Ankita, there are other actors too who have claimed that they have been conned.

TellyChakkar also spoke to another actor named Sadique Mustafa who had paid the amount. He said, “They told us there’s a show called Jugaad Marriage Bureau and they cast me in it along with Ankita, and others as well. They gave me a commitment that you give us Rs. 1 Lakh and they did a shoot, and they did all the drama properly. When it comes to shooting, they shoot for 1 day and then they don’t bother. They later called new artists and also took money from them. We later came to know about it when we went on the sets. They told us that we are not shooting because we have some issue. We were given reasons and they told us that they will start the shoot again. But, we didn’t know that they are starting the shoot again by taking money from new artists. This is actually their work; they gather 4-5 people, take money from them, do shooting for 1-2 days and then shut the shoot”

“A lot of time has gone, and now, I message them that if their work is not happening, then they should give out money back. I have told them that I will give a police complaint and they just say, ‘don’t take tension, it will be done’. But, it’s nearly a year now. Azhar is the main guy, he does fraud and convinces people and takes money. Then there’s a guy named Dilip Verma and Abhishek Thakur. Dilip calls himself a writer and Abhishek calls himself a producer,” the actor added.

In all the above conversations, there are three common names, Dilip Verma, Abhishek Thakur, and casting director Azhar.

We got in touch with Azhar and told him about the claims that these actors have made, and he said, “I was in the middle and I won’t ignore it. I am a casting director and I called the producer a few days ago and I have told them that I will file a complaint in Vasai police station. Actually, they have been trying to start this show for the past 3-4 years. They had said that they had approached Mohu TV, but the channel itself ran away. Then one day they called me and said that the story had been approved and at that time, they had an office at Ijmima. There were two people Abhishek Thakur and Dilip Verma, they were writer and producer. They told me to help them as they had some payment and they needed some more money.”

“They told me that within three months they will return the money. But, 1 lakh that they (actors) are claiming is false. I have got 50,000 from their accounts and I have account details. I have also kept everything ready as I am planning to do a court case. I have given them warnings as well. They have already shot it, and one song’s patch up is left,” he added.

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(The above image is of Azhar)

When we told him that the actors are calling him a fraud and stating that it’s their group who does such things, Azhar said, “No, this is the only project. If I would do fraud how would I be in the market? I have been doing casting for 5-6 years. These people’s numbers must be switched off also, but I have only one number and I even received your call. But, if you call them they won’t even receive it. They have told me that by 15th, they will shoot and close it. I have told them that if things don’t happen till the 15th, I will file a fraud case against them.”

“What these people have done is wrong. See, I will be honest; I am a casting director, so I have taken commission for the same, I won’t lie about it. But, I thought it’s a genuine project and it will start,” he added.

We tried to get in touch with Dilip and Abhishek. While the former didn’t pick up our call, the latter’s phone was switched off.

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(The above image is of Dilip Verma)

TellyChakkar also got in touch with a casting director named Shubham G Singh and spoke to him about the whole scenario. He stated, “Actually, newcomers who are coming should be aware of this. You guys had also done an article on Shadman, so there are some people because of who even the name of the channels are coming in bad light. One should never give anyone money, one doesn’t get work because of the money; they get work because of the talent.”

We have screenshots of the payments that the actors have done. But, for security reasons we have not included it in the article.

TellyChakkar does not take any responsibility for the authenticity of the documents shared by the actors. We have not edited or done anything to them, they have been shared as they were provided to us.

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